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They're HOME!!!

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Ares and Dreamer got home late last night. They had a long trip, and were pretty frightened when we got them home. They haven't come out of hiding much yet, except to eat and use the litterbox, but I'm giving them some time to come around. Ares is already a sweetie, and Duke just seems curious about them. Hopefully I'll have pics for ya'll soon.

Thanks for everyone who asked and had us in their thoughts!

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Congratulations, look forward to seeing pics.
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Wow! It did take a long time. How old are they now? I'm glad you finally got them... can't wait to see pics!
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Well lets do the happy home coming dance
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I guess I'm not familiar with their story. Can you direct me towards the thread that explains? Or perhaps a brief summary?
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Wooohooo Tiffany! Finally!

(I thought you got lost and forgot about us)
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Aww, it looks like you have a Siggy, with them on it. They sound adorable!
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They are breathtakingly beautiful. I can't believe how amazing they look! And they're so solid! It surprised me when I first picked Ares up.

We actually had a bit of a scare yesterday, because the airline couldn't find them. They were pretty scared, and they're in hiding right now (poor babies!).

For a not so brief history, here's some of the threads about my new babies:

Its been a LOOOOONGG wait, but they are SOOOOOO worth it! And I promise to get pics as soon as I can. (Of course I didn't forget about anyone here!)

P.S. if anyone has any suggestions on how to get two scared kitties out from under the couch, I would appreciate it. I'm just trying to be patient and let them come out when they're ready. Its not even been 24 hours since they've been here, but they had almost a twelve hour trip yesterday!
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They will come out, Hunter did that when he spent his first day here, he hid under the couch, a lot, and he was scared to death, because he was outside all night, the night before. Now he is always on my bed, or sleeping all the time, and coming out of my room more. You'll get some more help. But Hunter was scare too. From being outside all night though.
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Dreamer and Ares are just gorgeous! I have a soft spot for Bengals...they are so unique in their looks and personality!
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As has been mentioned, they WILL come out eventually. I suggest you sit quietly at least 4 feet from the couch. Don't bend down to look under to see what they're doing. Talk in a soothing voice, if at all. No TV, no Stereo. No standing up or moving around, stay seated on the floor.

Have a toy with you that makes interesting sounds. Crinkle ball on a string, wand toy with tinsle, etc. Move the toy around on the floor so they can see it, but again don't look under the couch, just let them observe the toy. If you see them coming out or peeking, don't look directly at them, avoid eye contact until they come out on their own, just keep enticing them with the toy.

It might also help if you have some nice smelling cat treat on a plate for them.
Maybe some fresh boiled chicken morsel or similar.

Once they come out, make no move to touch them, let them explore around, they will come to you very soon. ( I know it's not soon enough, but they'll get around to it!)

Bengal kittens are motivated by toys and food, you should be able to win them over with this routine.

Good luck and have fun!
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OK, well I did get one blurry, out of focus, dark picture last night:

More of a tease than anything, I know. Soon enough though!
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Congratulations, I'm on countdown for my new boy. 10 long days to go
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Take a couple days from the CatSite and see what I miss!!!! Congratulations! I know you must be thrilled.

Yes you are right. That picture is a tease. Looking forward to seeing pics of your gorgeous babies. I guess we will have to be patient until they are more comfortable.
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Oh thank goodness!!!

I hope all your problems are resolved and that the cats are coming round!
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I got up this morning to feed the babies. I tried using a wand toy to lure them out. They were curious, but wouldn't come out while I sat there. So I went to lay on the couch. Sure enough, one of them came out and ate and played with the wand toy with me for over an hour! Even licked my hand! And guess what... It was Dreamer!!! Thats right, miss anti-social! Ares stayed behind, peeping around the corner. Now when I go in the basement, he hides, but she stays right where she is and watches me! God is she gorgeous!!!
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Aww can't wait for more pictures. I love Nials spotted Bengals, but its good to see some really great contrast of the marble Bengals. I looked at the father (Painted Spirit) - he's as flashy in marble as Nials spotted ones are

Very nice
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Thanks GK.

Painted Spirit is actually the granpa. He won 2005 2nd Best International All Breed Cat in the ACFA:

I believe both sire (Snxu) and dam (Blithe) are double champions in TICA.

I think I may be able to get a few pics this evening, so keep your fingers crossed!
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C'mon Tiff, charm those kitties. We need the pics!
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I know! I'm at work now though, so charming will have to wait a bit. I spoke with my breeder today, and she recommended cooked chicken to lure them out. I'll have the camara glued to my wrist, k?
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Originally Posted by tiffanyjbt View Post
I know! I'm at work now though, so charming will have to wait a bit. I spoke with my breeder today, and she recommended cooked chicken to lure them out. I'll have the camara glued to my wrist, k?
Yes ma'am

I'll bet by this weekend they'll have taken over your house. You'll have plenty of stories to post about.
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
Yes ma'am

I'll bet by this weekend they'll have taken over your house. You'll have plenty of stories to post about.
You are just laughin' your spots off over there, aren't you!

Well, I'm on my way home now. Wish me luck!
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Finally got a few pics. Woulda had more, but of course the batteries died out in my camara!
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beautiful cats, glad to see they are settling in
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Finally!! and well worth the wait
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What gorgeous Bengals! Won't you have fun once they get "settled" in!
Dreamer has a look that says "Look out! I am a wild cat!!!"
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