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Sphynx Babies :D - Meggy just gave birth

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first one out at 13.50 CET, last one at 14.50
6 of them.. 3 girls and 3 boys <-- highres pic <-- highres pic of one of the little girls
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*update* another just arrived... we have seven now.. 4 girls and 3 boys
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Oh my Goodness look at those bald headed little babies CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
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Aww little pink babies, Congratulations.
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Congratulations! Big litter, is she a first timer?
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How sweet! I'm sure the mother is exhausted and ready for some nourishment! Congrats!
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hmm...and we're eight now .. another little guy at 99grams popped out

and yes, she's a first timer
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Awwww congratulations to the new momma They're such cute little bald babies!! Will u be keeping them all?
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8 kittens??? Wow! Congratulations!

I can't wait to see close ups of the faces... I had been hoping I'd get to see some Sphynx babies soon.
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Wow! Thanks for posting the pic! I have never seen Sphynx babies before
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Never seen their babies either. So adorable and hairless
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Oh my goodness. I just love the nakedness. What darling little ones.

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Originally Posted by peachytoday View Post
Oh my goodness. I just love the nakedness.
Heehee they DO look naked, don't they?! I think you need to knit some sweaters for them.
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Oh my 8 gorgeous little naked babies!!!! They don't look like kittens, they look more like newborn marsupials

I'd love love love to see regular pics of them as they're growing, if at all possible!!
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Just looked at the high res pic of the of the close up of the little girl. OMG the cuteness. Definitely looks like a baby kangaroo!
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would think there will be daily photosessions with the little ones I'll try to remember to post them
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Bless her heart, she did really GOOD
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How are all the kittens doing? Are they all a good size? And here's a question... how many nipples does Meggy have? I know one of our cats has 6 nipples, and one has 8, I imagine if she only had 6 nipples it'd be hard to regularly nurse 8 kittens!!!!

How do 8 kittens go all fighting for food?
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She has 8 nipples but we will be supporting here by bottlefeeding

I'd say they all were of good size, between 75 and 99 grams, healthy, lively babies

So hopefully they will all do alright
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Wow... she's going to be one busy Momma once those little ones get going!
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Wow, eight kittens! She must be tired out now.
I second the request for regular updates.
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Oh wow!!! Such bald beautiful babies!!!
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8? Good grief, she must be exhausted!

They remind me of little newly hatched birds - all bald and pink!
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