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Sunday's DT

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Well I am feeling a little better - i can at least swallow now. My mom came by with home made chicken noodle soup and that hit the spot. Doctor says it is an ears, nose, throat and chest infection. It seems to have moved mostly to my lungs - urgh!

I have really done nothing but rest this weekend. Yesterday we warched the Breeder's Cup and I cried because a horse (Landseer) badly broke it's leg on the turf and had to be put down. If it had stoped running right away it could have been saved, but it kept trying to run. At least the jockey was alright!

Today I am just doing some laundrey and trying to get rid of this chest infection - i don't want to spend all day coughing at work tomorrow!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend!
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I went to Target earlier & took the sandwich maker back, since the Foreman grill works so great! Then, I stopped to get some lunch for myself.
I think I may put my car up for sale this coming weekend. I dont know if I mentioned, but we got turned down to refinance our house & I think the Eclipse had a part in that. Also, I am tired of driving in a car that sits so low to the ground & it's hard to get in & out of. We will probably loose $2-$3k on it, but oh well. We will be able to make it on one car again.... Plus, I think it is the right decision. At the time we bought it, it was the right thing, well, I wish I had picked out a better car (one higher up, etc), but I cant change that. The only other possiblity, which I have called the dealer on, is to take it back & trade it in on a new one, that is not so expensive......

We had someone come out to look @ our 600g aquarium, and in about an hour or so, someone else is coming out to look at it. Hopefully, we will have a buyer.
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Oh that is so sad about the horse! I am glad you are feeling a bit better now! I was just asking that in the weight thread because I hadn't seen this yet. Chicken soup always hits the spot! How nice of your mom!

Wow! I actually have time to post to a Daily Thread for a change!!!

I have about 30 some e-mail notifications of new threads that have been started in the past few days and I don't know if I will have time to go through and read them all or respond to them, but I am going to try to do a few of them. I miss the days when I could read every thread, and be online every day, and spend alot of quality time with Amber as well.

Amber has a cold again....I thought she was over it last week, but now this weekend she is sneezing, and her little nose is running and full of crap. She just hates it when I use that bulb thingie that sucks the snot out of her nose. She cried so hard when I do that and I feel like such a mean mommie, but I have to get it out of her nose!!!

Dreading work tomorrow, for several reasons. I don't think I will be online at all tomorrow, but will check back in Tuesday after work if I get a chance.

I have Thursday off!!!YAAAY!! The factory is having inventory and only a few people can work it. So I get to stay home with Amber and hopefully get online for awhile when she is sleeping. I wish they would do it on Friday though, a 3 day weekend would have been nice.
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Hadn't seen your post Tigger, when I just posted. That is too bad about the car, and also I am so sorry you were turned down for the house Maybe when things are looking better, and the house is refinanced, you could look at maybe getting another car..something you like alot better!!!

I hope you sell your aquarium soon!!!
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it was just to re=finance, but still I didn't understand it I dont understand why they have to do a credit check on you, even if it was for the same mortgage company! I told the loan officer that I did not get it ....... we have made payments on time ever since we have lived in the house (will be 5yrs in December). Also, 2 weeks before she called to tell us we were declined, we had paid off 2 big bills! I just am wondering if it is normal protocol to do a credit check when re-financing? Hubby said his parents did not have to go thru a credit check. Oh well. It just sucks now since I only get paid $10.00/hr, and now we are kind of living from paycheck to paycheck. I know we will get out of it, but I want it to happen now. Plus, if we can refinance it would help soooooooooo much!
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Tigger it is completely normal protocol to pull a credit check on a refinance. They do a Credit check whenever you do anything at all that involves a loan. When you refinance its a completely new loan, and anything from your first loan is disregarded. Like starting fresh.

Hope it works out for you.
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