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I'm in love with my new grocery store!

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DH and I decided to check out Whole Foods last night. Let me tell you, it was an amazing experience! I can't wait to do all my shopping there!

The best part was that they are using a local chocolate maker to stock the high end chocolate section. My knees got weak, I couldn't pull myself away, and I bought a dozen. From now on if I have to get a nice gift for someone those chocolates are going to be high on the list!
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Ooh! I've heard wonderful things about Whole Foods and have been dying to find one to try, but the nearest is a little over an hour away so I haven't made time yet.

I'm glad your experience has been a good one, I can't wait to see for myself. I hear the produce is wonderful.
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Heather, I want a Whole Foods ...we have Wild Oats which I love and we are getting a Fresh Market anyday now Glad you had a good shopping experience, is it close to home?
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Our nearest Whole Foods is about 30 min away. Its too far of a drive. I am hopeful to get one closer to me soon! Enjoy it, they are an AWESOME grocery store.
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We just recently opened a Whole Foods down the street from me. I LOVE IT! I have been there 3 times a week since it opened.
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Oh, I love Whole Foods too. They just opened one up really close to my work and everyone has started calling it Whole Paychecks because people go there all the time for lunch. They can be kind of pricey, but great quality of product. Though I've found that some of their pre-sliced cheese is cheaper than the regular grocery store.
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Yep, it's commonyl known as Whole Paycheck....

I love Whole Foods, we had a new one open near us (the other was was only a 15-20 minute drive away), and it's soooooo good!

The fresh food to go section is amazing - they have the best range of sandwiches, a huge range of hot foods and other tasty treats. So much better than the other one. If we go there for lunch, we spend 20 minutes deciding what to have!

Have fun at Whole Foods, I'm so glad you have one to go nuts at
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We tried it once, but were detered from the prices.
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I'm totally in love with their butcher section. It's amazing. I also love sea food, and was impressed beyond belief at all the fish that they had.
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I'm soo jealous!! When I lived in Boston we had plenty of whole paycheck stores (actually they were the local version, Bread and Circus which was bought by whole foods, but I digress) Here in Upstate we have a strong local chain that keeps all sorts of good stuff out of town..Wegmans, Whole foods, Trader Joes...arhg
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Don't have any of those up here - I'm jealous!
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sheesh, I miss out on all the good stuff living in the sticks- where is this at?
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Sounds like a lovely store...especially the chocolate part
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You are so lucky! The closest one I have is about an hour away from me in austin. I'd love to go there one day to just check out what they have. Enjoy going there!
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We don't have a whole food here that i know of but if we ever get one i'll have to check it out
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Duchess, that one in downtown Austin is fabulous, the flagship of the fleet! Go, you'll love it!

We have one just a couple of miles away here in Plano, and I couldn't live without their good crusty Rustic Italian bread. I won't even bother with grocery-store bread anymore... it's not worth the carbs!
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There is one about 20 mins from me, I will have to check it out next time we are in that town
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