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The cat that I just had fixed is having dihorea(sp) and is passing worms. I am wondering if this is normal? He is on Baytril and Clindamycin, and just finished a dose of Tolfedine.

I am not sure if he was de-wormed. If he was, would that cause this reaction? It's really quite gross!

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Oh poor baby! I expect it's the antibiotics causing the diarrhea - this is pretty normal, though none of our cats were given antibiotics post-surgery. Perhaps he has an illness? I don't know what Tolfedine is or is for. ?

But if he's passing worms, can you tell if they're alive? If so, he wasn't de-wormed and needs to be. Either way, I'd call the vet that did the neuter tomorrow (or today, if they're open) to see what was done. It's probably round worm, but if you can get a stool sample (I know - gross) to the vet, they'll be able to tell and can give you the appropriate med.

Over-the-counter dewormers do NOT work, so don't even bother going to the store to get anything. Just contact the vet as soon as you can, and hopefully your mom can get a stool sample the the vet. Kitty shouldn't have to go back.

But the life cycle of most worms, including the round worm, is such that the poison the vet gives only kills the adult worms. So it has to be given now, and then again in three weeks. I'm not sure what you want to do if this is a feral kitty that lives outside. Many have worms - many have systems strong enough to fight the worms. But if you can only administer the de-worming meds now and not again in three weeks, it's probably not worth doing it at all. If kitty lives outside, he'll just get worms again.

I hope kitty feels better real soon!

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Hi, thanks for that.

I think he is vomiting- he barfed up his breakfast with a worm in it too. I am 99% postive the worms are dead. I'll contact the TNR lady tomorrow to see if he was de-wormed...

Right now he lives inside... He is living indoors until he feels better- or until I can find him a home.
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Originally Posted by Tricias_petz View Post
Hi, thanks for that.

I think he is vomiting- he barfed up his breakfast with a worm in it too. I am 99% postive the worms are dead. I'll contact the TNR lady tomorrow to see if he was de-wormed...

Right now he lives inside... He is living indoors until he feels better- or until I can find him a home.
Awww..... Contacting the TNR lady sounds like the best thing to do.

Some kitties don't react well to anesthesia. The vomiting could be from that. And our kitties do get diarrhea from a strong antibiotic like Baytril.

It also sounds like he had or has a really bad infestation. I remember poor Flowerbelle - the vet said it was the worst infestation they'd ever seen. No wonder the poor thing was so darn skinny and couldn't put on weight.

We always found the round worms in vomit - they're also known as "tickle me" worms for just that reason (at least according to our vet). So the vomiting could be just from that. But if he's got or had a bad infestation, it wouldn't be surprising to see worms coming and going.....

Poor little fella! What's his name?

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These worms are thin and long... really gross! I'm sure he has had worms.. He LOOKED perfectly healthy, but maybe he wasn't after all.

His name is Bing.
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Those sound like round worms. They're very common.

Whether or not he's been dewormed, what you'll need to do are keep the litter boxes VERY clean. Scoop as often as you can. Once a week, dump the litter and bleach the boxes. Put new litter in them. It's expensive - but it helps prevent other kitties from getting round worm from him - and if he's by himself, it helps prevent him from getting reinfested with the worms.

Round worm is usually pretty treatable. Our old vet used to give us Drontal for it. That is a pill and easy to give. Some round worm, however, are not killed by Drontal. We ended up having to use Panacur (a liquid) to get rid of the round worms.

About three weeks after you've given kitty the second dose of whatever de-wormer is used (if he's already received one deworming, he'll need another about three weeks from whenever the first one was given), if you can have your mom get a stool sample to a vet, the vet can look in the microscope and see if the worms are actually gone.

Poor Bing is probably not feeling so well after the surgery, and the worms and maybe after-effects of the anesthesia are making him vomit.

Maybe they're just giving him the antibiotics to prevent any potential infection. It's something you'd have to ask - why he's on antibiotics now.

I'm sure he'll feel a lot better tomorrow - especially if he was dewormed. It is poison after all. And if he wasn't de-wormed, he does need to be, poor baby.

Bing is such a cute name!

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Awww the poor least the worms are easy to get rid of I think. Good luck with Bing
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I can't say that I've ever experienced a cat having worms and from the sound of it, it doesn't sound like too much fun! I hope Bing is on his way to recovery fast! Poor baby... Keep us posted.
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Tricia - I think it's an hour earlier here than there, and you're probably still in school. But I was just checking in to see if you'd been able to contact the TNR lady to find anything out.

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Hi guys!

I contacted the TNR lady- she has some de-wormer for me.. I have the traps set for the Ferals again, and when I catch them she'll bring the de-wormer.

Thanks so much for all your help!
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Awww, that's excellent news!

So how's Bing feeling? Getting back to his old self? His system getting used to the antibiotics - no more diarrhea (though the worms could be causing that too)?

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Bing seems to be feeling fine, except his poop has been really loose. I am hoping that is just the worms...
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I hope that this finds Bing feeling better, please keep us posted on how he is doing.
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