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Spoiled or sick

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First off hello to everyone.

My cat is acting very odd. He doesn't want to eat any of his food. He barely eats the dry food, and only licks the gravy of the wet food. I asked a vet about this and they said it could possibly be a worm and i should bring him in. Thing is there is no diarrhea, and he has vomited, but only 3 times exactly, and this has been going on for now about 3 months. The cat is obviously hungry, and he shows this by making it his business to try and eat any and all human food that hits the floor or table for that matter, and it is very nerve racking.

I need some insight

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Does he actually eat the human food or only try to. If he does'nt eat it I think you should take him back to the vet for some tests. There maybe some problem with him swallowing. If the vet still won't do anything get a 2nd or 3rd opinion.
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How big are your portions that you serve him? If they are too big try serving a smaller sized portion to him. I had a cat that was in a similar boat as you describe. She would lick the gravy, and leave the food. If I gave her wet food without gravy, she would eat it if it was in a smaller more appealling portion size. I would give about an 1/8 to a 1/4 of a can at a time, and wait till she had eaten it all. Will mean you have to monitor her food, but might help to get her to eat. I would definately get the cat looked at. Could be other reasons than worms for this. Blood work should help to find a potential cause if there is one. But give the smaller portion size a try. BTW, how is the fluid intake?
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I would get him to the vet as quickly as possible to get him thoroughly checked over. If it's a worm, then those things will keep growing! If it's a physical problem with your cat, then you can start fixing the problem as soon as possible.

How is the cat's breath? Is it worse than normal? It could be a gum or tooth problem.

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Did you just ask a vet or did the vet examine him? Poor appetite could be a large range of problems from parasites to tooth or gum problems, to diseases. A vet needs to see him.
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Thanks for all of your replies. When he gets the opportunity to eat the human food, he does eat it. As for breath, everything else is fine. He is still running around acting like a "teenage" kitten-cat (~ 8 months), having fun and whatnot, he just won't eat unless its human food and cat gravy. He does drink water often which is normal. I will try the smaller portion to see what happens.

If you have more info its welcome.

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Try another kind of catfood; maybe he just doesn't like what he's got.
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