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Whiskers falling out?

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So two days ago my boyfriend found one of Wonton's whiskers on our bed - it was like it had just fallen out. I thought it was sort of strange - I don't remember ever finding cat whiskers - but I just blew it off as a one time thing. Today, he found another one, which makes me a little nervous... I'm going to call my vet monday and just ask if he thinks it's something that needs to be checked out, but in the meantime, has this ever happened to anyone's cat? Is it a sign of anything? What DOES happen to their whiskers - do they just fall out and then a new one grows?

I don't like finding cat whiskers.. cat whiskers belong on the cat
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I think they all shed whiskers sometimes, mine do anyway
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I find cat whiskers all the time, well I suppose with 4 cats, you've got to come across a whiskers or two now and then.
Its normal, I think they just usually get hoovered up, so maybe thats why you've never noticed them before
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i also find them from time to time. I have four kitties though. Its so weird to see them not attached to the cat though. they feel so weird...
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I have two so I see one every now and then. I have noticed it does grow back. If you see all his whiskers falling, then that maybe a big concern.
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Quite normal - everything that grows sheds! hair, skin, nail, etc...
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They shed just like fur at times...
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If it was one I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but two in two days? I guess I'll just keep an eye on it and make sure he doesn't shed anymore anytime soon. With this recall thing I'm just a tad paranoid I think. I don't even know what I would do if something happened to him :/
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Like the others have said, I think it's perfectly normal.
I find whiskers all the time.

But, if you're concerned there's no harm in calling the Vet.
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