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I met sarahp and her furkids today - Page 2

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Thats so awesome!!! I wanna meet someone off here....*pouts*

Glad you guys had a great time....and btw, the kits are lovely!! And you 2 are very pretty as well.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
It's great that you two got to meet in the flesh, and live so close. And if one of you is stuck for a cat sitter, you can help each other out.
Fran (fwan) and I got to meet last year, and her fur babies, Teufel and Kaylee, actually stayed here while she was in Italy.
Another TCS member is moving from the U.S. to my area next month, which should be fun.
It was great meeting Tricia!

Im going to convince Danielle to meet me while im in melbourne in september!
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That is so exciting that you got to meet! (Esp meeting the kitties too!)
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That's wonderful that you two are so close in proximity to each other Looks like you had a great time and the kitties too!
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Awesome!! glad you two had a good time! Now that the weather is warming up there should be lots of TCS meet-ups taking place

and don't feel bad Sarah, Oscarsmommy (Courtney) came over to my place one time and neither Medusa not Demeter would come out and say hi
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That's so cool! I'm glad you guys had fun.

Love the pics!
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That's great that you got to meet. I'm so jealous though. I would love to see Smudge - she twangs my heart strings.
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Smudge is the sweetest cat ever.. I cant tell you all enough how much I'm in love with her! She is SO soft and just so sweet!! She even came and sat right next to me while Sarah and I were chatting because she wanted me to keep playing with her The stories of Stumpy and Smudge and even Lilly definately tugged at my heart strings. Sarah has done such an amazing thing by rescuing them and being such a wonderful furmom to them.
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That is too super cool!!! That is the bomb!
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I am glad that ya'll met and had a nice time. I can't believe that ya'll only live 15 minutes from each other.
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Yknow I bet there are other members here that live near me but I just havent come across them yet! Same for everyone else. I try to keep my location correct in my profile for that reason.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
It's a very cat friendly place around here, people in my complex are always stopping by our windows to say hello to the cats who are always sitting there, and I don't know if we have any friends who are not cat people. We certainly don't know anyone who dislikes cats!
I dont know alot of people in a small town it is hard to get to know people when they gossip already so bad that when ya go to L&D they know ya there and when ya are due yet you have no clue who they are... True story happened yesturday she lives 6 houses from me and knew every thing about me even the fact I was a widow and I had 3 kids
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I would love to meet some of our members but I don't know who I would live near because I live in such a small area and I live in western KY and I think our KY members are in eastern KY.
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It would be fun to find out where everyone is fun and have a few small reunions. I live in Iowa so anyone from the nieghboring states that might like to meet somewhere this summer or something it would be fun great chance for the family to have a mini vacation also lol.
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