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Grooming persian

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Ok, i did it. william went to a groomer and got shaved. and im not talking a lion cut either, he has fur on his tail, part of his legs and the his face. everything else including his neck and part of his head is bald. now, the problem is going to be getting him use to being combed. he hates it! right now, i'm using a cury comb of sorts on him. my girls, who are both dsh, love it and i thought it would be gentle on his skin. he growls and runs away every time. i want to get him use to being combed while his coat is growing back in so i don't have to have him shaved again. can anyone give me some helpful tips? thank you in advance

btw-he looks so stupid now
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aw his skin could be a little sensative from the shave. I know when i shave my girls they get a little upset about being touched for a few days afterwards.

The curry combs really dont work to well on persians. I would us a grooming brush, and as his hair gets longer a metal tooth comb. but thats me
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his skn doesn't seem to sensitive, he's more a love bug now. the reason i use a curry comb on my girls is because they tend to get over excited while being brushed and like to chew on the brush, and i have an actual grooming brush, but he hates that too. he came to me with mats and i was able to get a couple of them out, but as i said he hates to be groomed, and my husband has to hold him. but the problem with that is, he's a truck driver and not home every night, so trying to groom him is difficult.
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I've read that you should try to get the cat to associate being groomed with positive things. So if your little guy likes treats, try to brush him just a little bit and give him a treat. Then gradually increase the amount of time you brush him, while still re-inforcing the positive experience with the treats.

When I was trying to get Nigel used to having his nails trimmed, he was completely freaked out by the nail clippers. So before I even started to use them on him I got him used to seeing them, and would lay them close to him so he could smell them and play with them. Then I'd start to play with his feet while having the clippers nearby, and then slowly progressed from there. He's still not a happy camper about it, but tolerates the process well enough. Maybe your boy is scared of the brush, so you might want to try this technique as well.
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I reward my babies with treats while grooming. One of my females was terrible about being groomed. But I started giving her treats . . .and ONLY while grooming. Pretty soon she realized if she wanted more treats...she needed to be brushed. Now she does not mind at all the grooming. (Still does not like the blow dryer though)
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I would go get a few steel teeth combs - fine, medium, and wide toothed and start a grooming routine with the persian when his coat is coming out. Brushes do nothing on a persian coat to prevent mats, etc.

Start with the head/neck and work back to the back/sides/tail and do the belly/legs last. Even if you only get the head/neck done one day and the rest on 2nd day, eventually he will be more cooperative.

Key is CONSISTENCY and a routine - persians have to be groomed a minimum of 3-4 times a week - if not every day to prevent mats/tangles from forming.
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Mine don't like being groomed really. But they have to put up with it anyway. Combing technique could possibly help. Put one hand on the cat firmly and comb from the ends down. Then you won't be pulling the skin since you're holding it down. And combing a little from the ends down to the skin doesn't seem to hurt them as much. It works very well.
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