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My puppy

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I have posted already about my new puppy(well not so much new now)And after alot of vet visits we have found out she is about 50% coyote and the rest just mutt mixes.
We found out after a supposed hybrid breeder lost one of her puppys(the one we found) not sure how she considers herself a hybrid breeder considering the other 50% is mutt.But anyway back to what i was saying now she wants this puppy back and we are refusing to give it back she claims if we want to keep her we have to pay the $1200 she sells her pups for we laughed and told her we will get a lawyer and then she said we obviously cared enough for(pepper) and we could keep her.
But animal control has been contacted and they are going out to investigate her and make sure that the animals are not being abused in any way shape or form,the only reason we had called is she told us she had only lost the pup that morning which we know is complete bs the store owner said she had been outside the store about 2.5 weeks.
People make me so angry
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well lucky for your new puppy yall fought to keep her. good going and congrats on the new member of your family
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that is just plain crazy if not a scam - if she is a so called breeder how come her dogs are going missing

I hope this silly woman leaves you in peace to love & care for your puppy.

Other than that, hope things are going well with the puppy - any new photos
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I hope she leaves you alone about it, because I mean, if you found the pup on the street, and running around, hey its free dibs. And, you didn't want to keep it on the street. And if you tried to find the pup's home, and they didn't contact you, then it is rightfully yours. (don't know what gender your pup is, sorry!) I don't know if you mentioned it or not, but just saying. Good luck! I hope you have not many problems with this woman.
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Jeez. What a woman. She just wanted the money didn't care about hte dog atall.

SO what does a dog/coyote look like?
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