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Obsessed with water

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My little Spice has recently developed an obsession with water she sits in kitchen sink and meows all the time she will stop when i turn the tap on,When i shower i do leave the door open (if i dont i have some really upset pets)she jumps in the shower/bath with me she has figured out how to open the toilet lid and plays in the toilet.Iam at a loss for what to do about this problem.
Any advice would be great.
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Well, I guess the old squirt bottle standard isn't going to work! I wish I had a suggestion, but maybe you can at least find a way to hold down or "lock" the toliet lid, because no matter how much you clean your toliet, I can't inmagine that it's the cleanest place for her to play.

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My cats have done the same thing. They love toilets and if I leave the lid on, they mosey into the restroom and drink water; this has never bothered me much, however. I find it cute. But if you want to avoid this, simply keep the bathroom door close and the lid always down.

My cats also love jumping on the sink, mostly to drink water. Again, this doesn't bother me either, but if you don't like it, simply make sure to have FRESH water near them at all times. Some cats also like the sound of water; its very rare but I had one cat who LOVE watching the water run in our bathroom sink.

Also, cats can get lonely very quickly and whenever I leave any of them alone and go to the bathroom, for instance, they tend to follow me and cry outside the door. It's kind of cute, but also sad. I usually try to put them with other cats or another person in the house while I shower or use the bathroom.
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Dushka and Wellington love water and will always drink from the sink tap. I keep the toilet lids down and just let them get on with it the rest of the time. I don't see it as a problem, even when they fall into the bath. At least I am there when that happens.
Here is Wellington playing with the bath tap:

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I wish I had a solution for you; just wanted to mention this is the first time I have heard of a cat being able to open the toilet lid. Try this, no guarantee: I keep a bowl of water in every room in the house. So, there is water everywhere so they do not need to come up with innovative ways of getting to water like opening toilet lids.
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Its not so much that i dont like it,its the fact she meows and howls till it gets turned on,i can close the bathroom door then she will just do it in my kitchen sink.I dont want to leave the tap water running all day just to make her happy.
She has just figured out mommy keeps yummy water in her drinking cup and in an attempt to jump in it she spilt the water all over herself and my floor,she is rolling in the water on my floor.
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Have you had your cat's kidney functioning tested? Obsession with water is cute, but it is also one of the hallmark symptoms of chronic renal failure. A simple blood test will confirm.
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Yeah, if she's DRINKING a lot, I'd be worried. But if she's just playing... neh, quirky cat. What cat isn't?

Be careful you don't use anything poisonous to clean the toilet. There are baby locks for toilets, though. You could use one of those.

There are water fountains for cats, that keep the water running. I think your cat would like one of those.
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Normally if i do turn on the water she only plays,every once and a while she will take a drink during the process,she normally goes to her water dish or the dogs water dish to drink.
She just like to play in it.
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Perhaps you could make her happy with a water fountain. Here is the picture of one:
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We have looked into them but really cant afford one yet,we have lots of vet appointment in the next month or so that will be taking all our spare animal
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Humphrey is obsessed with being near water.

If I dare to go and take a bath and dont call him he goes mad! He will just constantly cry at the door till I open it. He has to sit on the edge of the bath and just watches the water, he does try to get the bubbles as well! not with a lot of success, as by the time he got them they dissolved!

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