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Rodent Ucler??

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I was wondering if anyone else has treated their cat with anything for this?
Our 11 yr spayed female Boo, has developed one on her upper lip.
I plan on making a vet appointment for her this week ( will call on Monday). But was wondering if anyone has ever tried anything Herbal as a treatment instead of going the steroid route.
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I'm not aware of any herbal remedy, but have found that Omega fatty acids in salmon oil (one 500 mg. capsule squeezed over food every day for up to 6 weeks) help cut down on the number of steroid shots.
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Villy gets these when she either is or was stressed, so I've found that a feliway plug in helps. She always has to see the vet when she gets a roden ulcer though.
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My Chandler gets these every once in a while. The worst one we treated with steroids. The steroids wreaked havoc on his blood sugar, though, leading my vet to believe he may be pre-disposed to diabetes. Not wanting to rock the boat with the second one, we treated with the fatty acid capsules and had pretty good success with those.
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