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Need help with possible orpahaned kittens

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I was caring for a pregnant stray cat. I built her a nest in my shed seemed pretty content. She gave birth to 2 adorable little kittens. Things seemed to be going well until yesterday. She diappeared. I haven't seen her in over 24 hours. Her kittens are about 11 days old. They cried a little this afternoon but are now quiet. What do I do? Should I try to bottle feed them? I don't know if she'll be back. I don't want them to starve but I also don't want to risk haivng the mom reject them if she does come back.
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I would try to bottle feed them. I wouldn't dought it if the mama cat is out getting pregnant or something.
Go to your vets or local petstore/walmar/kmart or something and get some cat formula. And bottle feed them. They need to be feed like every 2 hours and 24 hours is a long time to go without food. Just think of how hungry you would be. Regardless of whether not she comes back start bottle feed them. They are growign and need food, and they also need someone to make them go to the bathroom.
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She may reject them, but if she does, them you will have to take care of them, and if you can't then maybe you could find soemone else who could?. Or a surrogate mom? Or take them to a shelter.
But hopefully if she does come back she wont' reject them!
Good luck!
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Yes please try to bottle feed them and keep them warm. I think mom went to go find a fella maybe. They can get pregnant right after giving birth so am sure she went a stray. She might come back but they might starve by then... Try to feed them the best you can.. Come here if ya need help ok
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Is there anything new yet, or can you give an update? I'm very anxious and nervous here...
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I found 2 kittens about the age of yours in my moms barn, abandoned by their mom. We lost the girl, but I had to bottle feed the boy, and he is now about 10 months old, and healthy as can be. I would go to Petco and get some KMR, which is a kitten milk replacer, and a syringe. I have bought kitten bottles but I have more luck with the syringe. They have premade KMR or powdered which you add water to, but I think the premade is easier. Feed about every 3 hours, and get a heating pad set on low. Bring them inside because they do not have the functions to keep themsleves warm yet, and with mom gone they can freeze to death.
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www.kitten-rescue.com tania and i made this site for just such a situation
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