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Uhhh.... Food

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I swear I cannot eat any food I prepare for myself. I cooked up a big batch of stew today in my slow cooker so I could freeze some of it and have dinners for a week. I like this stew, my Mom has made it before and I have no problem eating it. Now I can't even look at the pot I made without feeling ill. And it's like this every single time I try and cook any "real" food for myself. I'm sooooo tired of only being able to eat sandwiches and pre-packaged food. At first I thought I was just a bad cook, but I've had other people eat the food I've made and they don't have any problems with it. It's only me! So apparently this is all in my head.

Guess it's a good way to lose some weight.... though this has been going on for many months already.
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I feel that way whenever I've baked something sweet, especially cookies. If I have to make any fried food for DH (fish, chicken gizzard & hearts), I can't eat. Something about the food smell sinking in.
I like the foods I can toss in the oven for a while and rest while they cook, by then my stomach is ready for food.
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