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Last day

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Today is my last day, at work!!!! Last night was awful! Busy, busy, busy; the store was trashed. At 3:00 p.m., two guys broke into a customer's truck and stole her stereo. In broad daylight, in a busy parking lot! Another customer saw it going down and came inside, to tell us. We paged the customer. She was freaked! She had just bought that stereo as a birthday present for her husband. See why I don't live in that neighborhood? Working there is bad enough! When I leave at night, my cell phone is in my hand, with my finger on 911.

We close early, on Sunday so I only work 7 hours, today. To celebrate my first day of freedom, Bill is doing a steak, tomorrow night. Such a sweetie!
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And now you get a well deserved rest from work! How scary that people will break into cars during the day like that.
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Congrats on you last day! Now to spend more quality time with your pets (and Bill too!).
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Congratulations on your last day! I am so happy for you! *hugs*
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I'm a free woman (Well, reasonable)!!!

It was a weird night. The woman whose truck was broken into was in, today. She said that she drove her OLD truck, though. Personally, I'd never shop at that store, again.

A young man came in and bought a card and two blown-glass flowers. After he paid for them, he bought another flower and gave it to me. Strange. Now, I have to explain to Bill why a strange young man bought me a flower. Good thing, he's not the jealous type!

I'm going shopping, tomorrow. There is a store here: The $199 Computer store. It seems that government agencies get new computers every year. The store owner buys them, makes sure that they are up to snuff and resells them, cheap. Mark and Sam need a computer and I thought that this would make them a good Christmas present. Also, Target has a really cool pair of boots on sale - suede, fringe and 3-inch heels! Bill saw the sale ad, before I did and figured that I'd go for those. Am I getting predictable?

I think that I'm going to enjoy my hiatus.
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