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How my son went to sleep

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Ok now that I was able to upload pictures. Last night I sent my son to bed and I went in to the shower. LOLL I walked out in to the livingroom and this is what I found and my son drooled all over poor Taffy I had to rescue him my son was out cold LOL.

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That is so cute! How old is he?

I guess he must have had a hard day! lol
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He is 6 and just got done throwing a 3 hour fit of crying which he never does but he did and I ignored him the whole time tell he told me he was sorry he did not want to do his homework I said it was ok we will do it in the morning and he said can I go to bed and I said yes it was late. He went upstairs I went in the shower real fast like 5 min tops and came out to him doing this. I think he came down to look for me. I think he is sick already there. This morning he woke up with a cold
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AWE! That is so cute!!!!

lol I'm surpised Taffy just laid there.

I normally have to come to Squeekers rescue from my 4 yr old son because he likes to sleep with him and often throws his heavy arm over Squeeks head/neck.
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Taffy is the lazyest cat we know and yet the most lovable. He needs a diet and we regulate his food but he never loses a bit. The vet said he is in good health but a big cat LOL. Him and my son get along great... If we are walking Taffy will try to play chicken and everytime he gets kicked sometimes good and I freak it feeling I hurt him but I can not every step watch. I am 9 months prego where are my feet. lol
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That is the sweetest picture...and the sweetest cat
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I will post a few more in another thread in a min waiting for them to upoad now
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Aww that is the cutest pic!! I had one of Seth after he got his tooth pulled and he fell asleep on Corwin.
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Awww, how precious!!
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I think Taffy since he wasn't feeling good and he was a crab lol
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What a tired lil' man...and what a sweet kitty to let him do that!

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I am suprised how sweet Taffy is because Mom Skittles doesnt like the kids to go near her.
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AWww....what a sweet,sleepy baby He looks sooo cute snuggled up with that kitty!!! I bet the kitty was feeling a little claustrophobic though
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Aww what a cute picture and a tolerant kitty cat!!! simply adorable
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am sure my sdon was killing his back but he just layed there till I took my son off and he only scooted to the side still did not leave lol
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Awwwww, how cute is that?!!?
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Awww! Bless their little hearts!
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Poor Runtz is looking at my son like hay I sleep there not you... Because those 2 always sleep together RUntz lays over Taffy or they cuddle.
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Jenny, Taffy must be one very patient cat! That's one of those photos you have to frame.
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aww! thats too cute. Did he just collapse or something?
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am not sure what he did I was in the shower.. LOL I know it was hard to wake him and he went to sleep on the other side of the flood cause he was trying to make it upstairs.
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