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color changes

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I was wondering how many people have cats that looked one way when little and changed as they grew.

I remember some time ago someone posted a picture of their mostly white cat that grew and turned dark. That was really neat.

My youngest cat is a tabby (black with beige) and white. When I got her she was mostly black with one 3 or 4 stripes on each side. Its almost like she was an accordian and the more she grows and gets longer the more stripes she has.

Before her I had another tabby (orange) and white and his markings didn't change with age.

I don't have any recent pictures of her developed yet as I haven't finished using my roll of film so I can't show how she has changed yet.
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Mitzi, who is black and white in her old age has become more white than black.

Xavier, who is all black has developed faint stripes you can only see in the right light, something he didn't have when he was a kitten.

Benny, my cat who lives with my dad is a buff color and he has darkened up a lot since he was a kitten.

And Scooby, my dog used to have dark rings around his eyes when he was a pup and sometime as he grew they vanished.
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Alf was like a badger when he was a kitten - almost grey. He is now a proper tuxedo, black and white, except for a grey ring around the end of this tail (very cute).
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Fred was a yellow tabby when he was young, but at 14 years old, he is just yellow with white around his whiskers.
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Finally got to develop my pictures. The one I tried to take of her side didn't work as well as I hoped. Firstly, she doesn't do the "holding still" thing and second, a lot of the really small stripes didn't show up. Her is a pic anyway!

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She is adorable! And growing into quite the stunner. Ophelia's colors stayed the same, black and white, but her markings progressed as she grew. She started off with a perfectly round white spot on her back, which is now an oblong oval, and on her back legs it looked like she was wearing black chaps (it was so cute!), which are now quite separate spots on her legs. But her heart shaped spot under her chin stayed the same, which is still adorable.
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My Echo (a calico) had a perfect heart shaped white patch in the middle of her back and now that she is 4 years old, the patch now looks like a funny shaped star. It's amazing how much their appearances change in just a few months or years!
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My Tinkerbell was a true ugly duckling! She was the runt of the litter. She looked light grey with darker, uneven splotches on her head and legs. She was very sweet and my mom wanted me to pick her, but she was sooo tiny I couldn't bear to take her. I took Rocket instead.

Now Tinkerbell is the most beautiful cat EVER! (I can say it b/c I'm her mama!) Her coat has turned into a beautiful seal point. (Chocolate) Her body is now ivory (though it continues to darken to a lovely cafe au lait color) and she has a little 'harlequin' mask that only covers half her face. She has snowshoes, and tiny splotches of pinkish orange (her mom was an orange tabby). Her eyes are still a deep Mediterranean blue.

I named her Tinkerbell b/c she has a little pixie face, and she has pixie dust sprinkled on her face, and b/c we brought her home to help my "Peter Pan" kitten learn to grow up!
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