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cooking question

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I bought some boneless chicken breasts from the meat department yesterday @ the grocery store -- it's already thawed. How long can I keep it in the fridge? I have had it sitting in the fridge since yesterday because I was going to cook some on the foreman grille last night, but decided not too, so I decided to leave it in the fridge til today. Will this be ok, or should I have put it in the freezer yesterday?
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I'm no safety expert, but if it were me, I would go ahead and feel okay using it tonight, since you just bought it yesterday!
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Use the sniff test..... if it smells good eat it!

Just like milk... it it tastes good, drink it!!

(sorry.... I'm NO cooking expert!)
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Once chicken has been thawed out or say 1/2 way thawed out it is a very bad idea to refreeze it. Once chicken has fully thawed but been kept cold (in the fridge) it is generally good for up to 5 days, sometimes 7 (keyword being sometimes.) If you buy it already thawed then it's okay to stick in the freezer. Never take it out of your freezer, thaw it, and then refreeze it. I should have left this thread alone. Now I'm hungry. Tonight I shall have chicken mixed with spaghetti sauce.
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I put it in the freezer last night. I grilled a piece & marinated it, but didnt like the way the marinade tasted. So, I put the remaining chicken in the the freezer.

So, now I want to cook me another piece tonight, but it's frozen. Or I was thinking of a hamburger on my Foreman grill. Can I throw it on the grill while it is frozen? How do I unthaw it? In the micro?
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I don't like thawing meats in the microwave because it tends to partially cook around the edges before it is completely thawed. YICK! :tounge2:

The best way I have found to defrost meat quickly is this:
Make sure the meat is wrapped or in a freezer bag. Take another freezer bag and fill 3/4 way with very hot water. Place this bag of hot water on top of the frozen meat (I usually put it in the sink) for 10 minutes. Empty bag and fill with fresh hot water, turn meat over and place hot water on top for another 10 minutes. Viola! Meat is completely thawed in about 20 minutes!

Here is an idea for your boneless chicken breasts that is SO good and quick! Once meat is thawed, put some Italian dressing, Worchestershire sauce and spicy mustard in a frying pan. Heat and then place chicken breast in the sauce and cook in there until done, turning a couple of times (takes about 15 minutes or so). The sauce will get a little thick and you can pour over the chicken and I usually make white rice and pour some sauce over that too. YUMMY!

As for amounts of the ingredients...I am really bad with that when it comes to cooking. My grandmother taught me how to cook and she was one of those, pinch of this and handful of that type of cooks! :tounge2: So when I start creating in the kitchen (I conjured this up myself...I don't measure anything, I just put some in, taste and adjust).

Best estimate I can give is for 2 boneless breast halves...maybe 1/3 bottle of dressing, maybe a little more...Worchestershire and mustard to taste (you'll know exactly how much to use once you make it a few times, if you like it that is!).

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