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Shes allergic to cleaning!

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I wasn't sure if this belonged here or in health and nutrition, so I apologise to the mods if I chose incorrectly
the strangest thing is happening with Dynah.
She's 6 months now and I think she's allergic to something I'm doing. Here's the history:
I've had her since she was a week old. She's never been one to sneeze. We moved to the new apartment, no problems whatsoever.
then I took her to get fixed and her final set of kitten shots. While she was gone I scrubbed the house from top to bottom to limit the germs in the area. About 3 days after I got her home she started having sneezing fits. There wasn't any infection, so I just figured the shots were running their course and left it. this lasted for about 2 weeks.
I haven't been able to clean much lately, because of homework. Yesterday I scrubbed the place again and right after I finished she started sneezing again. Not as badly, but she's still doing it.
I vaccumed, did my laundry (outside of the apartment), did my dishes (which she's exposed to every day) and used 3 different chemicals in my bathroom (toilet, sink/bathtub, tiles in bathtub). I'm wondering if she might be allergic? Anyone heard of this before?
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What are you using in the bathroom?
I would say that anything you use with a strong odor and anything in a powder form (Comet powder) could be an issue.
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I would think it to more likely be all the chemicals you are using! Why not stick to one kind that is pet safe or just simply bleach since that kills and sanitizes most everything.
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I'm allergic to bleach (sinus's swell and get infected) so that's a no go.

I have lysol toilet bowl cleaner (like a toilet duck)
Lysol spray bathroom stuff
and some stuff for the tiles (which is my guess towards the problem) that's also a spray, and smells kinda weird, but has a sealant and mildew killer in it (since my landlords didn't bother sealing my new ceramic tiles) for around the bathtub.
yesterday I locked the door and kept the fan on till I couldn't smell anything.
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Lysol and a good many other products contain phenols which are toxic to your cat.

My suggestion is to replace your fume filled chemicals with safe 'green' cleaners.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
My suggestion is to replace your fume filled chemicals with safe 'green' cleaners.
Ohhh I'm glad someone started this thread. I was just thinking the other day how I should invest in some cleaning products that are more healthy for the three of us.

Okay, now I know this is a stupid question but how can I tell if something is a "green cleaner"? I know there are many products labeled as such, but I'm a bit distrustful of advertising so I'd like to know what to look for specifically. Are there certain ingredients I should make sure to avoid?
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I'm not really sure what you look for in Canadian labeled products, but certified products in the states will usually carry an EPA seal.
I would assume there is an equivilent government body in Canada and other countries.
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Lysol is poisoneous to cats - do not use any Lysol cleaners around your pets!
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"Method" cleaners are really great, and all green. They cost about the same as the regular stuff, but are fully organic. You can get them at most grocery stores, at drugstore.com or at www.methodhome.com. They even have their own version of a swiffer.
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