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Do you worry.......

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.....about how much time you spend on your PC ?

I've spent at least 5 hours today if not more, messing with photoshop - just got it so I am working my way around it again - I did have a trial version. Then of course I come here and one other forum, check my email account (two!) chat on msn messenger for about 1hr or so, surf for holidays and other fun stuff I know some of you are members at other forums too.

How do we find the time and does it worry you
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Not any more! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!
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Yes, it does. My house is a wreck, and I really need to limit my time sitting at my home computer, especially since I sit at one all day at work. I can feel a difference in my eye sight in the past few months, and my butt hurts most of the time from those awful chairs. EEK! I think I will go do some laundry now. I have almost no clean clothes for work next week.
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I used to. I am mostly on late at night...chatting on yahoo messenger and paltalk and browsing through sites too. I am a night owl and can't sleep as much at night time so I need to have something to do. I am on early in the day but not as much around this time. (the only reason I am on around this time today is cuz my mom is off work)
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Only when I look away and things are blurry.

I'm counting on being blind by 40. Or wearing very thick glasses
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I don't really worry about it, but I think its not good for my eyes
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Yeah I've been worrying about it lately. I feel like it's maybe making me neglect certain things. Especially with the stuff I've been doing here lately, I've been wondering if it's time for me to take a break.

Not sure yet.
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I do sometimes worry that it's not a good idea to spend the day staring at a computer screen then come home and spend several more hours doing the same. I don't really worry about it stopping me doing other stuff though as the only stuff I'd realistically be doing during the evening is watching tv. I do sometimes stop up late catching up on various message boards when I should be in bed so I'm trying to cut down on how much time I spend on here and other boards. Yesterday I got in from work about 6pm and didn't switch the computer on all evening. I felt really pleased with myself managing without it all evening I'm changing my isp shortly and will be without my broadband for a while so maybe I'll change my habits then and start spending less time on the computer. I'll never go cold turkey though. I need my message board fix.
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At least it's a free activity (once you've paid the monthly internet fees).
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Well with dial up I can't surf lots of sites as they that too long to load!!
I try to limit how much time I'm on esp now that I should be more concerned about scheduling work for the upcoming gardening season.
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Yes, I do.I worry when I spend so much time on here that I loose track of time.
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