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Dana-A Face Only a Mother Could Love's Birthday!!

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Can you believe 1-year has gone by? Dana (and Miracle) are celebrating their 1st year!! For those of you who do not know Dana..."a face only a mother could love" thread has her whole story & boy-oh-boy is she truly the ugly duckling that became a swan...has overcome so much For the Dana fans that have been following her thread for 1-year...well...thank-you for keeping an eye on her & for being Dana fans

The beginning...

The love of her new brother Chucky

Houston...we have a problem!!

Oh Boy!! we have a problem!!

The start of deflating & recovery

Dana finally learns to jump but still has a long road ahead.

Dana today!! Her 1st yr. Birthday

Our beautiful Dana has truly become the swan

I have so many more pics. of Dana & Miracle...I could go on & on So proud of both of them!!
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Look at that beautiful girl!
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OMG! I love her! What a beautiful kitty! Look at what you've done!
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We never thought Dana was an ugly duckling. But she had indeed grown into a most beautiful cat. Thanks for the pics.
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AWWWW!! My gosh-look at that sweetie pie!!
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Some pics. w/her family:

Getting a bath from brother Chucky

Snuggled-in w/brother Buster

Hanging w/Bob & Chucky

Totally snuggled w/Chucky

Loving her new baby brother Fred
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Oh my gosh!! Look how big she's gotten! She's gorgeous!
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I was just looking at the other thread this morning and wonder how she was doing. She has grown up in to quite the lovely young lady. She was lucky to find someone that would give her the TLC she needed to grow up healthy and beautiful. Great job, you are truly a kitty !
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And a few more...

Dana & brother Ari

Dana & brother Ari (looking like bookends)

Dana & Ari again...Ari has CR - cerebellar hypoplasia but the whole crew here adores Ari!!
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She's so beautiful! Happy Birthday, Dana
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Happy B day!! Beautiful!!!
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Happy Birthday Dana! those pics of that sweet little baby snuggling with her new family brought tears to my eyes, how lucky for her to find you
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She sure grew up to be a beautiful girl! Well done on giving her the care and attention she needed. She looks so happy snuggling with her family - except that shot of Buster looks a little evil!
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That deserves a HUGE Awwwwwww!!! Well done for taking such good care of Dana. She's a true beauty now, and more importantly, she's healthy and loved. Happy Birthday baby Dana Btw, I just love that pic of Dana snuggled in with Buster. He looks so grumpy but he clearly dotes on her Grumpy-looking cats showing their soft sides really melt me.
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She looks wonderful, well done.
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Happy Birthday sweet Dana!
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She did truly turn in to a picture of beauty
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Aww, what a big difference, she is lovely
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Oh my!! The newer pictures of her are just amazing! She has grown up to be so beautiful, and looks like she is just the sweetest cat!
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What beautiful little angel. Happy Birthday to your kitty.
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She's Beautiful Happy Belated B-day Sweet Girl
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Dana's story is truly heartwarming. Well done and congrats to her.
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Happy Birthday sweet little Dana!

She was a beautiful kitten, and has grown into a gorgeous big kitty! We love you Dana!!
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she is def a gorgeous one
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Dana has grown into a beauty. You have lovely kitties - what a wonderful thread.
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