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Bad Cat - Cat of the Day Calendar

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Do you have one? Have you seen today's (March 24, 2007)? It has me cracking up every time I look at it.

I will try to find a link, but here's a description. Kitty has wedged him(?)self between the back cushions of the sofa so that the legs are poking up and the head is down. The caption is "Don't ask, but Klonopin was involved.".
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The story of the website where this calendar evolved is amazing. I shared a dinner table last year with the founder of Bad Cat. He told us that he and his buddies back in the day were drinking and messing with the housecat and a laser toy. Long story short- kitty smart enough to figure out the hand was the culprit, leaped on the person holding the laser and bit down hard. Tore a lot of flesh. They decided in the college boy wisdom to photograph the cat, the hand and build a website around it that day. They then emailed ten of their friends with the URL. Today, the website is doing wonderfully. Jim, in his funny smart ass fashion supplies the captions and doesn't bow to what the censors want him to do. his website is a good visit on a bad day or any day for that matter. Since his captions are adult oriented I won't leave the link here. He is opening a restaurant in Seattle soon.
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Oh! I have the Bad Cat book. It`s so funny.
Wish I had the calender too!
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i have the bad cat book too!
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Lucky you, Maryanne!

Hmm, (college boys + laser light + cat) x drinking = bad cat. Interesting equation.
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I haved that calendar on my desk at work. Now I can't wait until Monday so I can see the picture!
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I have the calander! Today's is hilarious.

I also liked the ones that had an angry looking persian face that said "If eating kittens is evil, then yes, I'm evil" and one that said had a pretty sleek kitty with a diamond collar on that said "If you knew how much of I think of myself and how little I think of you, you'd kill yourself"

I hung those up at work and this one is going there too!
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I have the Bad Cat wall calendar. It's too funny for words! I just love it.
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