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Pics of Heidi ... again

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Thought I would share somemore pics of Heidi

thanks for looking
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Oh Heidi is such a beautiful little girl! I'm in love with her cute little face!
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Very cute cat!
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she is beautiful... I love her big ears and cute little nose. She also looks friendly and inquistive.
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She's a beaut! I love her markings. Great pics.
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She is beautiful.... You are blessed
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awe she is just such a cutie, those pics are great, and look at that little nose such a cutie
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What a little cutie pie
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Heidi your such a gorgeous little girl!!
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Very nice cat! I like the name a lot. I also have a Heidi. That is the name of my Porsche. My wife has a BMW, and yes, it has a name: Gertie.
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I love the pictures. She has such a sweet little face
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She's got such a gorgeous distinctive face. I love her eyes and nose and just her entire head

Looks like a very sweet girl as well (although I know, you can never tell from pictures)
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