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I'm new here

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I think it's wonderful to have something like this! My husband found it after I was having problems with my new (have had him 8 months) fur baby. I love cats and at one stage had 14 which I didn't see as a problem but freaked out the rest of the family! My soul mate of 17 years died in December last year and it was unexpected at that time. I was devastated and was totally non-functional for three days. I know it sounds silly but I still see him and hear him and I know he is with me. I love him so much. No, I'm not some raving lunatic! I am the most conventional, do-the-right-thing person you would meet! But I would give a lot to see my mate again.
Diann in Australia
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Welcome to the site Diann
I'm fairly new to the group myself and can tell you that you will love it here...the people are great and very friendly
Sorry to hear of your loss and I hope you feel better as time goes by.
Feel free to post pics of your new furbaby because we all love seeing piccies
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My new fur baby is absolutely gorgeous but has some behaviour problems which I learned how to deal with through this forum. He was taken away from his mother too early. He was abandoned when I got him so not sure of his background. I will always miss my soul mate but Barney the B@$#ard is a delight in my life. Thanks so much for the welcome.
Diann in Australia
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Welcome Diann! I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your baby. Actually, you don't sound like a lunatic. There are a few people on this board who have had the same experience. I don't know whether it is the subconscious wishing they were still there, or if sometimes they stay around to make sure their people are doing OK.

I'm sure you will love it here, as I can tell you are as crazy about your fur kids as all of us here are!
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It happened as I was nursing my new fur baby (Barney). He is also black, but there the similarity ends. My soul mate was short haired (Barney is hugely fluffy) very slender and sleek of body (Barney is a little barrel on short legs) and a sharp triangular face with stunning green eyes (he had Siamese in him, according to the vet). I swear that Barney's coat changed first and then his face and for a few minutes, I held my soul mate again and he just gazed into my eyes. I cried and thanked God (much to the horror of my husband!)and then I swear I saw him change back into Barney. I tried to explain to my husband because he knows how much I still grieve but that was a big mistake! He just gave me one of those "there, there, dear" looks and then asked me every 5 minutes whether I was ok!
Diann in Australia
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Oh Diann - B the B sounds adorable - thanks so much for rescuing the little mite.

Time WILL heal your loss, but only when you're ready. Sorry it hit you so hard, but we all understand - that's the great thing about the Cat Site.

Anyway a huge welcome, hope to learn more about you and your kitty adventures very soon!
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Welcome Diann. You will love this forum. Everyone is so supportive. We look forward to some pics soon.
Krissi and Mushka
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Diann - I feel I know you and Barney already from your other threads, but I just wanted to pipe in with an "official" welcome on this thread. I can tell you have alot to add to this site.
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Hello Diann,

I'm new to this as well today or is it evening where you are?
Same as you my husband discovered this forum which unbeknown to him is a big mistake as i won't be off the pc now !! ( only joking ) I'm going to have to come off at sometime i've got two ever hungry cats to feed !!!!
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