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reactions to vaccines?

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Out of curiousity have you ever had one of your kitties have a reaction to vaccinations? I have never seen it happen before but my vet tried to assure us that its quite common.

One of my kitties got his updated shots like a week ago and he started acting funny and acted oddly for alomost a week. He didnt play at all or come running for food. (hes a greedy gut)He hardly ate at all. He also didnt respond at all to us coming home. Just not like himself at all.

He is almost acting normal now but It scared me. His coat also looked dull compared to normal. hmmmfff
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One of my cats got extremely lethargic after his vaccinations and stayed that way for about 2 days. He was a young kitten so that was entirely abnormal, even factoring in the sluggishness they sometimes get with growth spurts.
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Ginger had a severe reaction to her last rabies shot that included vomiting and micro seizures. I had to rush her back to the vets for benedryl and sub-Q fluids.

She can never get another vaccine as long aqs she lives as a result, according to our vet.
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thing that weirded me out was that he didnt react this way when he was a kitten and got his first shots. he is a very healthy adult kitty. OKay, at least others had it worse. your poor kitties.
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It can take more than one exposure to a substance before a reaction or allergy develops. Ginger made it through her first round of shots with zero problems. It was round # two that she had the reaction on.
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I fostered two cats last fall who both had bad vaccine reactions. The day after getting the shots (on separate occassions and at different vets) I noticed both of them were lethargic and not eating. Per my vets instructions was able to take their temps and both had fevers. Benedryl and fluids did the trick and they were both fine in a day or two.
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The last time Leopold had vaccinations, he slept and went off his food for a full 24 hours, but that is the worst that I've had in my household. I don't think I'll be taking him in for vaccines again.
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Kitters las shots resulted in her getting very sick and us having to give her Pedilite to get her fluids back up and she was down for atleast a week and was looking really bad. She won't be getting any more!
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Katy got very lethargic and didn't eat well for a couple of days after her last vaccines. That was probably 3 years ago, and since she's 14 now and has other health problems, I've not given her any since then.
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Butterbean had an allergic reaction to her first full set of shots (did fine with kitten shots) and I had to take her to the emergency vet for treatment (lethargic and skin turned hot pink). They said if I hadn't brought her in, she would have died of antiphylactic (sp?) shock. Now she gets an antihistamine shot before her annuals (they give her a shot and then vaccinate the other 3, and do her last ), and she has been fine since. She is (supposedly,though indoor is winning these days ) and indoor/outdoor cat, so she needs hers. All my cats feel kinda puny for a day or so after their shots- I feel puny for a day or so after my flu shot, too , so I think it is just the nature of most vaccinations .
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One of my cats had a reaction to her rabies shot a few years ago. She was very lethargic and wouldn't eat, drink or groom herself for almost two days. She was in her teens and had never reacted to vaccines before.
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My Lily got very sick after her second annual immunizations. She developed a high fever, was lethargic, and throwing up about four days after. She responded well to antibiotics.
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yep I have seen it more times then I care to. That is why I only vaccinate once or twice and then not again unless the cat is around outside cats or something then I revaccinate every 3 years until the cat reaches 6 or so and then never again.
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