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food help, switching off Iams

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Heh, well, I think they have recalled the food that my cats are eating, and I thought I should switch them, regardless of the recall, because I have heard that Iams is no good. But I was wondering if these two foods were good...

Ok I am wondering which is better, Royal Canin, or Blue Buffalo? Blue Buffalo looks good, but I know there are better foods out there, such as Felidae, and Chickensoup.. But I am debating between these two foods.

Ok here is the Royal Canin...

Here is the Blue Buffalo...

But, I was wondering which of the two were better? Thank you for reading!
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I have not heard about the blue buffalo food. But from what I have heard, the royal canine food is a good quality food. When you decide on the food to try, buy a smaller portion for a bit, and mix it for about 10 days, gradually changing the porportion from 50-50 to 100 new food. Hope things go fine. Reason I said buy a small portion now, is your furbaby may not like the newer food, and not eat it. If this happens you are not out a lot of money. A lot of the new food choice will depend on your furbaby too. They are the ones eating it. Good luck, hope things work out.
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Thanks. Small portion would be better, and see how they like it.
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i agree, I learned that with another cat, bought a bag, and they did not like it. They would pick out the food from it, and leave the new stuff. Why I suggested it. Hope you have success.
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Cause I know Hunter doesn't like the Whiskas, because thats what we feed Mika, since she is outside, Until we get them all new food. I have to feed them something.
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I've fed my kitties some of the blue buffalo/blue spa wet, they loved it. I had wanted to try out the dry months ago but at the time either it was hidden in the store or not in stock.
sharky did question the cellulose in the ingredient list on another post.

Royal Canine is out for me, Sho doesn't do well with corn. But not all cats have that problem.

I have fed some of the chicken soup dry, and mixed it with their other food. For the price it's a decent food. If you have a feed store nearby that sells it they have small trial sized bags for ..$2.69? $2.99? something like that. Large bags are around $22.
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Well, I am planning on switching the cats to a good quality of food and wondering, what is best? And kind of cheap? As much as Iams, basically, so my parents can get used to paying that much for their food. Thank you for reading!
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Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul would be a good one. It is a quality food without the quality price tag. In the dry it is less expensive than Iams. I'm not sure about the prices for wet.
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Chicken soup at a feed store is well priced in dry and wet and good quality

in pet stores
Solid gold
Natural balence
the first two are well priced the last can be a bit more
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At my store a 5 pound bag of Felidae costs $8.99 but I have heard people say that it costs more where they live. I hope to switch to that.
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Try looking at
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