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I just want to know at what age should male kittens be neutered? I went to one vet and she said about six months. Then I go to my local Humane Society and they said about two months. Isn't two months a little young? I do want to get the neutering done as soon as I can but I want to be sure when he is old enough to be fixed. I hope this is the right thread.
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I tend to go more with the humane society. Males are much safer to do at a younger age. It is really best to do it as early as possible. It is the best way to ensure they dont spray or pick up Tomcat traits. I would maybe go in the middle and take him at 4 months.
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My vet advised me to have ' Boxer' spayed at about 7 months of age. This is because his testicles would not have fully developed ( dropped )before this time I think.

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My vet said the same thing about Wylie. She said that if you have it done too soon, he might not be fully developed and therefore there is a chance the neutering wouldn't take.
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There is more of a weight requirement than age requirement. Kittens have to weigh at least 2 pounds before it can be done. Most humane societies recommend 12 weeks because this is about the age that they have gained enough weight for them to tolerate anesthesia. Younger kittens heal so quickly, it is best to do it at a young age.
Good luck.
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