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New cat

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You all are probably tired of me posting about this cat!

I took her to the vet this evening. First thing they did was check for a chip and sure enough, she has one. Also has a spay scar. She is about 4 months old and someone took care of her at one time. We figured she probably had shots, too.

The vet put in a call to the person registered on the chip and we are waiting to hear back. I feel torn. On one hand I want her owners to miss her and want her back. On the other, I am in love with her! I do hope they come forward - that will leave another opening for an unloved cat.
Just thought I would fill you in.

Feel kinda stupid tht I didn't even think to check for a chip!

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u did make some good points on there, but i wonder how this poor baby got out like she did I hope it all works out for the best, they say things happen for a reason u know !!! But many many to u, u are just too kind! I understand being torn and in a way I was relieved when no one claimed bella, she is such a mamas girl she was from day one she choose me on the side of the road that day and well when she came home with us she cuddled right away and everything I just cant imagine how this happens, but at least these people were smart enough to get her spayed and microchipped It just makes me wonder if this was an accident or intentional u know what I mean! I understand how u are feeling and many many to u once again! But if it turns out that it is theirs and missing and they want her back that would leave a spot open for a new kittie! BUT Please keep us updated on everything !!
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Thank god you have scooped her up in her misfortune ate circumstances! I have to say, at the risk of being scowled at, it is upsetting to see a 4 month old kitten, chiped and spayed, strayed and skinny. It makes me wonder how important she is to the registered home. But then you never know what may have happened ......You did the right thing, good looking out
Agree with ProudKittieMom, behind you all the way, keep us updated!
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Nope of course we are not tired of you posting about the new kitty.
there is no way i would i want to give eazy up by the time i took him for his first vet visit

Good luck
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ooo I was like that with Teddy, you may have read about all the carry-on with him, so called owners turning up, taking him then bringing him back - not good fun ! but he is ours now and of course love him to itsy pieces

But I was like you if Teddy had owners then he belonged with them.

You do wonder what and what on earths happened ? It seems funny that they have obviously cared for the cat, so hopefully it just got out and lost its way

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The kitty, Lola, went home today. Her people called first thing this morning and were already in the car waiting for directions to my place.

They are a young couple and were almost in tears when they saw her. She went right to daddy, he held her like a baby in his arms and she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and purred like a tiger. Seemed like she was saying "Finally! Now I can relax!" They were so happy to have her back!

They were both so sweet. They had filed reports with the Humane Society, too. Seems she may have gotten out last Thursday evening when the pizza guy came to the door. They didn't notice she was missing until Friday morning. Said she has a habit of disappearing into small spaces like the closet for hours to nap.

They have another cat at home, a Bengal named Raj who was missing her a lot. She was out in the world for 5 days then with me for 4 days and with the other lady for one, so I am sure she will have many stories to tell them. The young woman said they adopted her from the humane society about 5 months ago and think she is about 7 months old now. They did say she was much skinnier than she was. Her crooked whiskers are normal for her.

So, that's Lola's story I'm sure she could tell it much better. Thanks to all of you for your support!
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I wish it had worked out better for you, but at least you know that she went to a good home, and was not just thrown away. Those people were very lucky that you picked her up and did the right thing. I hope they realize that their was rescued by a really good person
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awww, well i agree it does sound like she is going back to home where she is loved so.

but i am sorry you did not get to keep it.,her.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
awww, well i agree it does sound like she is going back to home where she is loved so.

but i am sorry you did not get to keep it.,her.
It is bittersweet.
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It is sad that you didn't get to keep her, but man, it must've been wonderful to have re-united her with her owners!
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