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Heyla everyone!

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My names Gryphon, and, as you can probably guess, I'm a newbeast. ^_^

I came here because, while I've had cats before, I've never been the one doing all the care; and in about a years time, Khaos-the kitty that calls me his-and I will be leaving home for college.

Khaos is about two years old, we're guessing. We know he was born in the fall, but we're not sure of the exact date. He's a gray makrel tabby, and somewhat on the large side.

Khaos adopted us after my family and I payed a visit to Friends of Feline, a wonderful no-kill kitty rehab center near my home. He was around cats as a small kitty, but after he came here, there was only the well-aged dog to annoy. The dog wont be comming with us, as the trip is a few hours long, and we all doubt he'll deal with the stress well.

Does anyone have any sugestions for moving Khaos from being and (in-door) country kitty, to an big city apartment cat? He's already been nutered, and seems to have no interest in being outside, but I'm worried that he wont be used to a smaller area to rome and not having his friend around. Should I look into finding a roomate with cats, or begin thinking about finding Khaos a feline pal to take with me?

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Welcome to the group Gryph
I always used to have outdoor/indoor cats (their choice to be in or out when they pleased). After too many accidents and losing 3 of them earlier this year I now have an indoors only cat.
Orion is ok with being indoors and we've always provided him with plenty of toys, climbing trees etc to play with.
We are getting another new kitten soon but only because we always planned to anyway.
But we have noticed that Orion seems a little lonely when we go to work during the day, so he probably needs a playmate.
That may not be the same situation with all cats though because their personalities seem to be as different and varied as ours.
You might just be best to see what happens I guess.
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Welcome to the site Gryphon! Cats are pretty adapable, once they get used to their new accomodations. Since Khaos is already indoor only, he should be fine with a smaller apartment. You may want to check into a pet policies of apartments where you are going before making any decisions about a second cat/roommate with cat. I have 2 cats, and finding a place that will take 2 (in the Denver area) can be a bit difficult, and when you do they want a huge deposit. Well, they will with one, too, but doubling it for 2 cats can be difficult.
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Don't know if I'm chiming in too late here, but we just had several friends move who have cats. It doesn't seem to matter if you're moving into larger or smaller accomodations, the problems are the same. It's new territory.

Cats are very territorial. Sometimes their territory means more to them than their people - so the trick is to make them as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible. Both friends handled the move in the same way.

Put THE SAME litterbox that you kitty has always used in the bathroom of the new place. Put food and water in there for him (make sure the toilet seat is closed!) Throw some of Khaos' toys in there too, and shut the door. If he has a bed or crate that he has as his lounge place or safe place, put those in there too.

Believe me, he'll be happier that way while all the chaos ( ) goes on around him. You can open the door when all the "moving" is done - but just leave it open a crack, so he can get out when he wants to. Then just let him decide when he wants to explore the rest of the place. Once your furniture and stuff is moved, if he had a bed or crate or something of that sort in the bathroom with him, you can place that where you want it to be - but leave the rest up to him.

One friend's cat was fine within a day - had fun exploring the new place. The other friend has two cats. They both lived in the bathroom for four days before coming out. It took a week or two, but the new home is now their territory!

Good luck!
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When my husband and I and our two cats moved from an apartment to a two bedroom basement suite, we moved the cats last. We took all the furniture and placed it where we wanted it to be in the new place and then when we brought the cats. We placed them in the middle of all the stuff that they're familiar with. It took 2 days for the younger kitty to adapt and over a week for the older kitty to adapt. Tigger would hiss at Roo whenever she saw him, or walked by him or smelt him. It was really funny. She eventually settled down, but I do know it is harder when they are older.
I definetly recommend that you check if cats are allowed and if there is a deposit required. Two cats are better than one if you're going to be away alot because they'll bug each other rather than your curtains. But if you are going to get a new cat, make sure you can spend a lot of time with them together at first so one doesn't beat up the other and the new one gets familiar with you and the rules.
Another thing to check out is what are the immunization requirements and tagging requirements for your cats in that city/state/country. Some places they don't care, some places care a whole lot. I needed proof from my veterinarian that my cats have had their shots before moving in.
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Tamme: I hadn't thought of checking immunization and tag requirements, I'm almost positive Khaos is up on all his shots, but he dosn't have tags or a collar. He's a total indoor cat, of his own choosing, and never showed any intrest in going outside. The few times I did take him out on the patio, he's was a rather scared little puss. If I take him to the vet before leaving-which I'm probly gonna have to do, just the five minuet drive to grama's house has him yowling like a cat being murdered-will he be able to tell me what kind of things I'd need for the area, or should I pay a visit to the vets in the area? I just got back from Dayton today and counted four within walking distance of my school. ^^

LDG: Heh...anything that's on the floor is fair game to become a kitty toy. Thanks for the idea of moving in first, and keeping everything in the bathroom though. ^^ Our bathroom now is Khaos's favorite lurking spot.

Valanhb: Pet allowance is the first thing I checked for the area apartments. It raised the price a little, but most of them allow cats or small dogs, and a few even allow big dogs. The neighborhood I'm looking at is mostly older people and families with kids, so I'm willing to bet there's plenty of places for pets.

Purringpanther: Khaos is the most sociable kitty I've ever lived with. He was part of a large litter, and his first home had several perminat cats, the kind considered unadoptable. I'm worried that if I spend most of my day-from eight in the morning til five, or later, in the afternoon-at the school, he'll get lonely and/or distructive.

Thanks for the help, everyone!
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Welcome to the site! I would suggest maybe get him a multi level cat house to explore while you aren't home. Lots of toys is also always a good bet! Good luck with the move - I am sure he will adjust quickly.
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