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help with a kitty

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Ok.. My cat is about 4 yr old.. yesterday afternoon he starting by throwing up a hairball.. ok.. no big deal.. later that night he asked for food (he's a smart cat, asks to be fed, ect) so I got up and fed him but I gave him really cold water and thoguth that might have been what made him throw up yet again..

Today while I was at work he threw up again and this time it had a little bit of ribbon in it. I thought maybe that had done it because he's a naughty cat and has gotten ribbon in the past (but he threw it up right away and then was fine, vet said fine too).. so I thought he was ok..he has YET to act sick, he plays, eats, drinks, and acts like normal, except he cries when he's about to throw up (but he does this when it's just a hairball also which he's short hair who sheds so that does happen)... I can't get ahold of my vet to ask them anything but I just really need some advice.. I Can try to find an emergency vet if I need to but I am not sure what to do. He's thrown up once more since we found the ribbon but he was eating earlier and drinking with no problem. (He's begging for treats right now )

Any advice would be appreciated.. I'm trying to figure out if he's going to the box per normal or not, it looks like he is so far.. but it's hard to tell with other cats.
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When you say he threw up ribbon, do you mean like cloth ribbon? If so, he could have a serious blockage from ingesting something that isn't going to digest. Has he pooped since he started throwing up? Is he drinking water?
Has he been eating any of the foods listed on the recall list?

If he is still throwing up in the morning, take him to a vet. Cats can go downhill very fast.
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the kind of ribbon from christmas presents (the worse kind, he found it in a bucket I had stacked, he got it open and got the ribbon out).. he has been drinking and eating just fine, he acts like he's normal but every 6 hours or so he throws up.. I'll take him to the vet if I need too but the emergeny vets around here aren't so good..

I'm stillt rying to figure out if he's gone to the box since I got home or not.. I turned off the auto scoop and am waiting and no, my cats only eat dry purina indoor cat food.. not on the list
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Drinking cold water probably caused a tummy upset once I would think (room temp water is always best), but the continued vomiting *seems* to be due to the ribbon your cat ate.

Sometimes, no matter how diligent we are or how well our house has been "cat-proofed", kitties will eat dangerous items.

Your little guy might still have some ribbon, or another foreign object in his stomach, which *might* account for the repeated vomiting.

Because you've already seen evidence that he's swallowed some ribbon, but you don't know how much, in addition to who-knows-what-else he may have gotten hold of, it's a good idea to have your vet take a look at him.
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MY vet and the other vet we go too are both closed until monday though and I really dont want to take him to the emeregncy vet due to problems with them in the past and at how horrifically over priced they are..I have a credit card I can so that's fine but I just need to know if I should wait for reg vet (which he's going to regardless at this point) or take him in to the emergency vet tonight.
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If he is still vomiting or showing any other signsf distress, I would definitely take him to the ER vet. Good Luck
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