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A visitor

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For the past few nights, we have been getting another visitor.
A huge tabby/giner cat, very similar colouring to our Milli.
This cats sits at the front door and watches Milli for about an hour then leaves.
I was thinking could it be Milli's mommy, or why would that cat do that.
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We have several brother and sister kitties that were rescued at different times. They did not like being together just because they're related. It is possible though not probable it's Milli's mother. I don't know that cats have that kind of relationship (though I don't have enough experience with separated cat families to know).

My guess is it's just a stray that has picked your house - and just like our kitties love to sit and watch out the window - this is a cat that's not a stranger to homes.

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Hi Laurie, we found out why that cat was there.
In the main house my there is another cat called Penny, she roams in and out our cottatge and all over the place. She is really no one's cat. Seems to live here.
Well last night at about 7:30pm, Penny came running into our cottage, ran into our bathroom. Something she never does.
Milli our little tiny kitten was outside the door playing with the leaves.
I felt content, and was making a cuppa, well next minute I hear what I have now learned the noises of a CAT FIGHT.
I run outside, hands waving, (hahaha thinking now I must have looked crazy) calling Milli then I hear these cats screetching, omg Milli.. where is she.
The silence frantic I run around the yard and side entrance. I find my Milli huddling in a corner.. I scoop her into my arms and love her, she has a wet patch on her back leg.
Thankfully not blood, Milli safe in our cottage, I demand to Penny still hiding why she such a wossie.
Then I see in Milli's mouth a mass of hair.. ginger.. lol..
Milli kicked butt.. hahaha..
Milli saved the day, but now she refuses to go out the front entrance..is what I going through normal part of kitty loving??

thanks just had to share
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