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Jelous Kitty

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Last night while we where watching TV I was laying as I normally do on hubby's lap.
Milli seemed very restless, I got up to see if she had food and water.
When I got back to the couch, there lil madam had taken over my place and wouldn't move.
I moved her up a tad and snuggled down to continue watching the telly.
But that did not suite Milli, lol, she walked around my face and made it known I was in her space.
This only happened for awhile...
I moved sat up and Milli was happy once again
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At least its not a nasty jealous! My Pandi would growl and hiss at anyone touching me! She was a serious definition of the mysterious black cat, there for her name was Pandorasbox ! I miss her soo much though, one of a kind, but aren't they all!
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Joji is very noisy when she thinks the other cats and the dog and yes even people are getting too close to me. Her meowing grows louder by the second and only stops after she chases them all away and has me all for herself.
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Oh! I stopped by to ask something very similar!
Kitty loves to play 'Gooseberry' too.
It doesn`t matter if it`s a male or female friend and it doesn`t matter how small the gap is between us, he has to sit in the middle. He`s like a cheppeuron?
I can sit on the sofa with someone and he`ll be fast asleep but I just know in a few seconds he`ll be wide awake and worming his way between us.
He gets all purry and happy and usually puts a posessive paw on my knee!
He`s ok unless the other person tries to move him. Then he gets mad!
I wondered if it was because he was an 'only fur-child'?
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They like to take over your place because your aroma is there and because it is warm. I take it as a sign of affection.
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how sweet, cats can certainly get very precious about the places they like to sleep.
Dino wont budge an inch, I even warn him that I'll sit on him, nothing, I try to squidge up and slide him over with my bum, but no he wont move - they are little monkies, bless them
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I made Milli a pillow, I laid down on it for awhile. And now Mili is happy yet once again.. Oh and she tried to help make the pillow.

we got if finished finally.
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aww she must have known it was for her...........cute
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