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Quirky Eating Habits!

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When we brought Pixel home a month ago we kept her in the bathroom for a couple of weeks until we could introduce her to our other cat.

The two don't like to eat near each other, so Pixel is fed in the bathroom still, and Tak is fed in her usual spot in the kitchen.

But Pixel has developed the weirdest eating quirk! Whenever anyone goes in to use the bathroom, she races in there with them and will happily eat from her bowl until the person has finished with the facilities and leaves. Then she will go back to whatever she was doing. She does this ALL the time. It's very strange! As soon as she hears that toilet seat lift up, she will come from all corners of the house to accompany you as you pee...

I've never seen a cat do anything like this before!
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LOL. It's like Pavlov's dog...but your Pixel just has a different "cue" for mealtime.
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I thought it was just Milli, whenever I and if I go to the bath room Milli dashes in before I can close the door, eats her food. Waits for me to wash hands, and while I am doing that jumps up on the toilet seat and waits for me.
As I pass her, she jumps out in front of me and runs.
We have now done this several times (hubby and I) and it is only me that Milli seems to watch that way.

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That is too funny!
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ahaha! It's comforting to know that Pixel isn't the only one who does that!

She's such a silly little monkey. She also is the deepest sleeper I've ever known, and she's VERY twitchy when she sleeps. It's nothing but chasing dreams for her.
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That is so cute and funny. We need a video of that!
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I can't ever go to the bathroom without Diesel checking out what I'm doing
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