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My moms friend needs vibes and prayers please

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Ok sorry mods if this is the wrong spot move it if need be

Ok well my moms best friend's dog is sick, and well the dog is the love of her life! He has gotten really sick and we had informed her on the recall but the dog seemed fine so she went to her other foods not made by menu foods and well she thinks that she accidently fed him science diet, and I know thats not in the recall as of now but her pup is really sick, and on top of that she is treating him for an infection in his foot this dog is such the cutest puppy, I actually have pics so I will post them soon! But she has been freaking out all day because he is really sick and I went online and actually looked up phone numbers for her to call ! Also she found an artivle saying Cornell University i think it was tried to get them to do the recall JANUARY 6th, because they did studies and I guess thier animals started to get really sick so they did tests and everything! She actually found the article, but now she is calling Hills science diet and other places, her dogs name is sydney he is 8-9 years old mix pup and he is so happy go lucky and looves to talk but for the last day hes laid around and a few days ago he had diarehha and well that passed and then today he didnt even want his treats or nothing and he is drinking a lot of water, and well now he is throwing up And my moms friend is very worried now as I am so can u all please spread some of those magic TCS vibes, she is currently looking for a animal hospital and if that doesnt work then to the vet first thing in the morning! SO we will see what happens but please keep her in your prayers and send many vibes her way !!
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I am sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for the little dog, I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Please keep us posted on how he is doing.
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Oh no! I sure hope they can find out whats causing his illness. Please let us know what happens.

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Oh Amanda, I am sorry to hear this, many prayers and good healthy vibes headed their way...Have you heard anything this morning???
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Oh I hope the little guy is OK!
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well she had to go to work this morning so she did call us to see if my mom would go over and spend like an hour or 2 with him so i went with her, and well i got syd to eat which is a plus since he hasnt eating anything, no more vommit, but he does still have some diahrreah and well im not sure if she ever got thru to hills science diet or not She called like every half hour well we were there! But he was more perky i wanna say ! His paw is really bad though, but he is still drinking alot of water and is peeing alot ! But we are hoping she can get into her vet since everythings been packed since the recall, and they asked my opinion on this and i told her and my mom it could be the recall or the infection has spread since he does have an infection in his paw, but we just got home from there about 20 mins ago, and she should be coming home soon! But there were some improvements today!

Thank u all for the prayers and vibes, please keep them coming !
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I hope he feels better soon! I also hope he can overcome whatever is ailing him at the moment. Sending him many get better vibes!!
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Let us know if she gets him to the vet.. I will send prayers and tons of vibes for the little dog poor fella.
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