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All evening my left knee area has been twitching!

Talk about annoying~what in the world causes this??

Does this ever happen to you?? It happens to my eye alot too....
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Yeah, that is very annoying. My right shoulder blade area always twitches. It happens at night when I'm trying to relax and wind down. It is so annoying! lol I have no idea what causes it though, I've been wondering that myself.
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Yes, I get them around my eye area sometimes, too (it seems to correspond with fatigue). I try to take potassium (like eating a banana, or taking a multi vitamin), as I've heard that can help.
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Ugh! I HATE that!! My eye does it sometimes. Potassium (like from a banana) is supposed to help.
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My eye does that and sometimes my arms. No idea what causes it but yes, its weird and annoying, lol.
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