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AirPrincess,Deb25,Imagyne, & Sandie go to Salem, Mass

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Just wanted to share another Catsite meeting story. Deb25 flew from FL to CT and Airprincess flew from MD to CT. Today we all got in the car and drove to Salem, MA to take in the history witch hanging, voodoo, and spell casting. It rained all day, but we all had a great time! It' so fun to be with the people you have been talking on the internet with for so long. Here's a picture of Airprincess, her SO, Deb, and I.
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I don't think this picture does any justice to this store..LOL. Driving through Salem, we found this Jem of a store. We thought it was so funny, we had to take a picture. See if you can read what it says
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How cool that all of you got to get together Sandie! How many glasses of wine did the camera person have when they took that photo of the liquor store?

Next time you take a group shot, use a telephoto lens- even with a magnifying glass, I can't see any of you! LOL

Glad you all got together and had a great time!
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Wow! What fun!

I can almost smell the rain through that first picture And I can't tell what that shop sign says...
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I can't tell what it says either, except the liquor part! I am so glad you all had a great time there!!! I wish I could meet all of you, too!!! (are the bunch of you making any trips to Iowa anytime soon? ) There isn't much to see, but I could show you some cows or corn fields or something! :laughing:
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We managed to get one more picture before the airport today. Of course, I look like heck because we were all facing the sun.
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Yeah, and ummm okay... the person who took the fuzzy picture was me... from a moving car I might add *ehemmm*

And ya'll will notice that I am not in one single picture... once again the fairer sex keepin' the man down, well, err... someone had to take the pix.....
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What a GREAT picture!!!!! You all look so happy! And Ken! You did a really good job of taking it, especially from a moving car!

And....OMG!!! I just figured out what that liquor store sign said!!!!! How naughty!!!!!!!
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Yeah, you got it Beavis! *big hint*

As for you Ken, for a mere 15 dollars, I may have let you be in the picture. What is it they say? Oh yeah, neener, neener.

That shot actually turned out good of me. Must be those fantastic eggs!
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Neener Neener...

And Debby.....

Shame on ya girl!....
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I'm in the yellow! (in the top pic)

what an incredible experience to meet 'internet' friends. I spent the weekend with folks I would have never met if it weren't for this website. Pretty amazing.

a big thanks to Anne for creating this place!
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Hit it right on the head AP!! Pretty amazing!!
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Yeah... Sandie looks great too.... not that im prejudice or anything..
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I want to know how you think you all are "handicapped?" You look great to me!
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come on MA, you know me well enough to know! :laughing:
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If you saw them all together...

I on the other hand, am the poster child for sanity.. logical thought and reasoning.
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Just had to add I think you ALL look great in that picture! And Deb....the "Beavis" hint is funny, 'cause that's what I was thinking of when I finally figured it out....my hubby has a t-shirt with Beavis that says..."The great B*ngholio on it.....and my stepson, who was only 10 then, wore it out in public one day, (we didn't know he had grabbed it) and he didn't know that it was naughty, he had no clue what it meant. I about passed out when I heard he wore it!!
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Of course who here knows, what the term REALLY means?????? Not counting Sandie, AP, and Deb (cuz I told em already)

And yes Debby, everyone did look great, and despite the pouring rain, the crowds aaaaand the failure to get into any attraction, we had a purrrrfectly purfect time. I also want to add that AP's S/O is a good guy, and took all the talk of cats, and all the cats swarming him VERY well!
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