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I am confused

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When I took my Adonis to the vet yesterday I was told he is underweight, I know he has always been a petite cat but he now is at 8.2lbs. I have 2 cats...Adonis and Leo. I don't know how to get Adonis to gain weight and not Leo, he doesn't need to gain any at all. I think Leo is around 12lbs or so. I thought maybe i would start feeding Adonis some wet cat food but I don't know how to do this without Leo getting into it, I don't know of anyway to seperate them at all. I was going to get some kitten food for Adonis but I don't know if it would do anything to him bad or how to keep it away from his brother. I don't know what to do, does anyone have any suggestions on this or know how much Adonis should weigh to be healthy? I just thought he was lighter because he has only 3 legs, he had to have one removed about 2 years ago. Please help if you can, I don't know what to do. Thanks

Here is the pic of my babies......Adonis is the white cutie and Leo is my orange doll
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Your cats are gorgeous! Yes having lost a leg would make a difference to his weight, not just because of the limb that has gone, but also because of muscle atrophy around and above the affected limb (either rump or shoulders, through lack of bearing weight on that side). Also cats vary somewhat according to their skeletal size, there is no ideal weight that suits all cats.

However if your vet thinks he is too thin, have a look yourself - he should have a slight waist and his ribs shouldn't be visible, but you should be able to feel them slightly.

If he needs to put on a bit of weight but your other doesn't, then I would feed them in seperate rooms with a door closed between them to stop them eating each other's food.

My own view is that wet food is better for long-term health than a dry-only diet. You could try Adonis on some kitten food for a while if he really needs to gain weight, but watch to make sure he doesn't become overweight in the process
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Do you have specific mealtimes or do you free feed them?

They are both gorgeous
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No, I don't have specific meal times for them......I usually put some dry food down for them in the morning and sometimes I give them some wet food for a treat. I usually don't give them wet food, but I thought that maybe Adonis may be having some trouble with the hard food. He has bad teeth and I thought maybe they are bothering him. He eats but I don't know that he eats alot everytime he is at the bowl. I gave him some wet food today and he ate it good. I am hoping this will help, I am also thinking of grabbing a small box of kitten food, being he is only 8lbs I think he may need to put on a pound or 2. I don't know, I am afraid that if he gains too much weight and too quickly that will be bad too. I don't know, what do you guys think?
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