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Pregnant Olivia

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Some news to share. My fluffy baby Oliva is expecting..we estimate she is about 5-7 weeks in...she hasnt started seriously nesting yet...we only caught her once looking in the wardrobe. Apart from that, her nipples are englarged, tummy getting bigger by the day (I think there's going to be few of them!) and she is eating plenty!

As a bit of background, I neutured all my cats (I have 5 now) except for Olivia...her pregnancy was planned (she was kept indoors to 'get to know' the stud cat (my mother's cat) over a period of 2 weeks and nature took its course). My family and I wanted a litter of Olivia's part persian assuming all goes ok with the pregnancy and birth (fingers crossed) they will all have happy homes with us.

Here's some pics of her looking all blooming...

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She is beautiful keep us posted
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She looks just like my Runtz... I hope all goes well.
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She's so cute! Be sure to keep us updated!
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she is lovely keep us posted
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I can't wait to see the kittens
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Please do get your emergency's vets number and keep it to hand - the shape of persian's heads means they can struggle when giving birth - what was dad? Also, please do get her spayed after this litter, as pretty as she is, she isn't a pedigree, and we sadly have too many moggies looking for homes already. IT would also be good if her kittens could have spay contracts to make sure they are all done on time as well.
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Thanks booktigger for that advice

Dad is a white/grey mum's stud cat (although there is a small chance the dad is unknown..she escaped during the stud period for 2 hours and was found in my neighbour's garage)..however, my mum (who breeds persians) said that Olivia and Mr Stud did 'procreate'.

I appreciate what you say about neutering her and the kittens. That will all be done. My vet has already talked to me about this issue

My extended family and I are cat mad...and yes, I know we could have all gone to a cat resue and adopted some kittens if we are looking to increase our cat family. But as my mum is a breeder of persians, we wanted to do it this way. I hope that does not sound selfish.

Thanks for your advice though.
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LOL Cat Mad wow now ya know you are in the right place with all of us cat mad people to
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Am glad to hear you are cat mad, but am puzzled as to why a persian breeder would be happy at letting her stud mate with a moggy and create some half persians, surely that isn't the point in being a breeder??? I have to say it does sound slightly selfish, but that is cos I foster for a cat rescue and see soo many kittens come through us that I find it hard to understand why someone would want to breed part pedigrees that are effectively moggies and the same as the many we see every year.
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Ok, let me clarify/attempt to justify. I hate the feeling that some may think i'm irresponsible, when my cats are my life and soul and their health, care and happiness means everything to me.

When my mum retired last year, she became interested in persians and acquired Toby..who was looking for a new home when the cattery/breeding place had to be closed. From that she became heavily interested in showing/breeding persians. My mum does take the matter seriously and Toby is a stud cat strictly for the purpose of persian breeding.

I have to admit, it was more my request that Toby and Olivia (half persian herself) have a litter of kittens as the two of them are just beautiful and the rest of the family were on board to provide homes for the kittens, me included.

I know its probably rare in this pregnancy forum that this kind of decision is made (things usually happen by accident or for purebred breeding) , but please let me assure you that we all thought well about this. We just wanted to keep in our large cat loving family the kittens of two cats we all absolutely adore, which we knew would have persian traits.

In the past, when we have wanted an extra addition to the cat family, we have gone via a cat rescue (e.g. Gizmo & Tinkerbelle), so I do appreciate what you are saying about the thousands of moggie kittens and adult cats requiring homing.
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I hope all turns out well for dear Olivia during her labor!!!
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Am afraid I still can't see how a true breeder would be happy to allow her stud to be bred to what is technically a moggie, no matter how pretty she is - has Olivia been tested for things like FIV, FeLV, PKD? I just hope that all the kittens will be neutered.
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Im glad you mentioned that Booktigger....Olivia is fully vaccinated and has been tested - she's FIP, FIV, FeLV negative. She had a DNA test for PKD and that came back clear. These tests were not cheap! My mum did exert the condition that Olivia had these tests done first as she did not want to jeopardise Toby's health or the health of any kittens.
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There is no definitive test for FIP, but am glad she is tested clear for everything else. Still dont like a breeder agreeing to something like this though, it goes against what a reputable, responsible breeder does - betters the breed. Otherwise, they are just creating more moggies, and we have too many of those already
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The vet did say that its very highly probable from the results of the anitbody test that Olivia that is FIP negative and that there was no clear reason to worry.
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Ah, so they did the titre test? Only shows they have come into contact with teh corona virus though, but would prob be enough for a pregnancy.
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I am tring to find a shot or get a new one of Runtz laying like OLIVIA They could be twins
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OK here is 2 but I need one in the same position as OLIVIA I swear they are identical LOL.

Just found this one maybe that shows more of them as TWINS LOL.
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momof3rugratz - wow..they do look similar If Runtz is a little madam and thinks she owns the world, then I think they could very well be twins lol.

Runtz- that name makes me smile...its so cute. Is Skittles long-haired like Runtz? If my memory serves me right..last pic i saw of Skittles was pre-birth...huge huge stomach but short haired?

ps - will u be changing ur id to momof4rugratz in due course? lol - good luck with everything
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nope my nick will stay the same and Skittles isnt short or long like Runtz. I figured she was long haired but once Runtz grew her coat in I was flored. She is thicker and longer then mom here they are together.

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aw...they are gorgeous!
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With Olivia they are the 3 musketeers
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ok maybe this one is better
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