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We all have many questions and concerns regarding the recent pet food recall scare and we all want to provide only the best of care to our beloved companions. It is with this in the forefront of our minds that we encourage everyone to keep a cool head, read the information available from reputable sources and make a logical decision based on the facts. We certainly don't want to whip ourselves up into a frenzy of panic with information which is largely unfounded and cannot be verified by reputable sources. Let's all remember that we are responsible for the care of our cats and try to act with common sense and reason when choosing what or what not to feed them.

It is for these reasons that the owners and staff here at TCS have decided that posting threads or messages with speculative information or links which contain speculative information about the pet food recall will be edited or removed. Please limit new posts about the recall to factual information. Speculative posts may be made in the In My Opinion Forum.

If you have information which can be verified or a link to information from a reputable source, please feel free to post it under the Pet Food Recall Information thread here

Questions or concerns about a specific brand or brands of food not currently listed on the recall list should be directed to either the company itself or to your trusted veterinarian.

Also, please remember that oftentimes private emails received from companies are in fact, private. They are not to be shared here publicly. If you have any question as to whether or not an email is private, let one of the Mods here know and we will help you sort it out.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and participation with this very scary issue.