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Originally Posted by CatsAreBetter View Post
There is quite a bit on the FDA website about pet food, and how they monitor it. Basically if something is determined by a panel of scientists (not even necessarily FDA or AAFCO employed..) to be GRAS (generally recognized as safe) it never has to be tested again unless something changes.. for instance:

Wheat gluten as an ingredient has been tested/inspected/approved once, therefore it is now GRAS. The only time they will reinspect it is if ..say.. a manufacturer decides to use it in a pet food and claims it's some sort of health related additive. Like, if Meow Mix suddenly starts using wheat gluten and advertises it on their bag as an ingredient that aids in digestion, or ..helps UTI's, or .. is a weight loss tool... *then* it's monitored and not automatically determined to be GRAS.

If a manufacturer promotes their food as using human grade ingredients.. then they have to use human grade ingredients, as far as I can tell. And there is a huge standard difference between human grade and non-human grade... everything from preparation techniques to what actually goes in the food.
I have a purse book with all that stuff it is scary what is deemed safe...

Originally Posted by mybabyphx View Post
After reading this thread I have a couple questions... I only feed my cat dry food (purina i think??- the green bag) I get the same kind every single time. I never get canned wet food. Do you think I should be incoporating more wet food into his diet? I feed him treats on a regular basis...He also eats some human food, but not regularly He seems pretty healthy to me, I just free feed that way if he's hungry the food is always there for him. Please put in any opinions about this Thanks

Also I head Meow mix is VERY BAD for cats, so I won't ever get PHX that. But is this really the truth or is it just a rumor?

Meow mix wet is decent to good ( many have no grain and animal by products ... RIGHT NOW I am not feeding any wet food actually my vets advice... But mine were accustom to homemade and raw prior to the WHOLE recall mess ...
Purina from the grocery store is not a great food... see the search button put in cat food and youll be reading for a while
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First, I think that adding a little wet food, like maybe a tablespoon at night to start, might be a good idea. Cats are not big drinkers, as in the wild they get their water from their prey. Cats who only eat dry have a higher incidence of urinary problems as a result. Once a cat is diagnosed with urinary tract issues, one of the recommendations is to feed canned food. The problem is that many of those same cats don't like canned and only want their dry (one of the problems I have with Willow is that she only sees canned as a treat instead of a meal).

As for Meow Mix, the dry stuff is very low quality. It has a lot of fillers (like corn and wheat) as well as food coloring (so it stains the carpet when they throw it back up ). The pouches are much better than the dry food--no by-products. The only issue I have with the pouches is that all of the varieties have fish, and I have a cat who's stomach doesn't tolerate fish very well.
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