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Is my cat Bulemic?

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I have had my cat Sneaky for about 11 years now. She is a pretty healthy cat. She plays, runs and is always talkin away to people. There is one thing though that has me puzzled... Not all the time, but usually after she eats she throws up. I dont know if its just because she stuffs herself to the point of nausea or if she is allergic to something in the food. The thing is... no matter what food we give her its always the same thing. This has been happening for a few years. We figured she was just stuffing her face so we started giving her smaller portions of food so that she would be able to hold it down and not get so full. Well the other day i gave her just a bit of food for her to eat and BLEH! it all came up. like projectile puke.

I remember a while back someone told us it may be the yellow dye in cat food. We found a certain brand without it and she was fine for a while. Unfortunantly... we cant find it anymore. Can anyone recommend a good brand without it?
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My sister has a cat that adopted her and she was fine for years and recently started having the same kind of trouble. Her Vet said that she had developed an allergy and that she was sensitive to too protein.
My vet also confirmed this. He said foods high in protien can upset the digestive system of some cats.

My sisters cat was put on a prescription food to calm her system. I would talk to your vet about it.
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When you try her on different food, do you mix just a bit of it in with the old food (whether or not it all comes up after), and gradually add more over e.g. a week or so? Being switched all at once often produces what she's doing, but getting used to it slowly can work a lot better. Give the new foods time. But all that being said, I had an 18 yr old cat who threw up so often we just didn't bother any more (quite a few yrs ago before there were so many options) and she if anything got slightly heavier as she got older, and certainly had a long life.
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You know it occurs to me that your vet might have a few menus written down of 'real' food (no additives) to give your cat, recipes using 'people' meat, often mixed with rice, eggs, various things. Why not ask about them (the recipes, not the 'things').
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Your cat may not be eating for a lot of reason. We had one cat who had a broken jaw, another had a gum infection, and one was allergic to the cat food we were given him. So, your best bet is to try different foods and to also go the vet to give him or her a routine exam, if you haven't already done this of course.
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