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New way of cooking a turkey!!

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I had this turkey consuming lots of space in my freezer. So I unthawed it (the wrong way on the counter) But I cut out the backbone(easy) and cut the wishbone and flattened it. Then I oiled/seasoned up and put it directly on the grill. It looks and smells really good!! Oops time to turn it -thats a challenge!!
It cookes much faster this way-I'll post the finger lickin results!!
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Sounds delicious! Its now past 7 pm so i cant eat anything till morning!
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Mmmmm... home cooked turkey!
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Oh I am so hungry right now too! Mmmmm, BBQ turkey sounds sooo good!
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Share share share..................
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I do that with chickens all the time. I think the style of cooking is called Spatchcock and originated somewhere in the U.K.

How was it?
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That sounds good!!! I have a turkey in my freezer that I'm gonna have to fix soon now.
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MMmmmm.... that sounds so good!
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Just looking in to see how it tasted
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I've got a turkey taking up half my freezer too....maybe I'll pass your method of cooking it and the turkey off to my parents.....they are bib bbq people and my grill is still in the box. (Nowhere good to set it up and what not.)
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i so want some grilled turkey! its not grillable here as its raining!
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Sorry I have been out of town for most of the day.
It was really good. I should have turned the gas down to med rather than keep it on high (oops!) If I do this again I would cut off the wings as they were pretty well done. Plus I have to come up with a better way to turn the bird (don't pick up the leg bones with bare hands) I would probably marinate it too before grilling) The skin was pretty crispy-I tried to turn about every 25 minutes. You could baste but then the grill would flare up from the oil. This was a 16# turkey and I had it on the grill for about 2 1/2 hours. I was afraid it would be dry but it wasn't. The thigh/leg piece came off after two hours which was ok. I would definately try this again and I'm going to try it with a chicken too.
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