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I have those parquet type floors in my apartment and was noticing the past few weeks how dull the floor looked in the front area by the door and the hallway area towards the bathroom and bedroom.

So today I decided that I would pull out my "Koblenz" floor machine and paste wax the floor.

It's pretty easy when using the machine because all I need to do is apply the wax brushes, "butter" the brushes with paste wax then turn on the machine and go over the floor. The motion of the spinning brushes moves the machine, all I have to do is guide it. Once the wax is applied I just keep going over the area again and again until the wax dries and starts to shine then I apply the sheep skin buffing pads and polish the floor. My floor is now super shiney again, but my places smells like garage because of the petroleum in the wax, LOL