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Thanks for the vibes!

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Some updates:

I presented my thesis today and it went really well. There was a good number of people there (including the university's newspaper). My project was based on interviews I had done at a homeless shelter, and I was also really happy that some of the people I had interviewed came to the talk too.

Joshua still has problems with his ear, so I called the vet and he's going in tomorrow. From the symptoms I gave over the phone, the woman at the vet seems to think it's an ear infection. So I'm sure it'll just be a matter of putting some medication in his ear... which will probably be more painful for me than for him.
Which reminds me, I should probably trim his claws.

Now today is a beautiful, warm sunny spring day and I think I'll go back outside now.

Two not so good things about today though... first, I got my electricity bill, which I'm afraid to open
Second, I saw some electoral posters near my house for a new political party which seems to be playing on a lot of the racism going on in Quebec these days.
But maybe I'll vent more about that in the IMO section later.
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Congrats on your thesis presentation going so well!
I hope you got to enjoy some of this gorgeous spring sunshine we got today.
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Congratulations on your thesis going well! Yes, the weather in this part of the world has certainly improved - hope it's better there! You're in Montréal, aren't you?
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