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computer question

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This morning, my computer is ringing, like a phone. This has never happened before and I don't know what's causing it or how to find out. I'm on broadband and don't even have a phone line in the house. Can someone tell me what this is and what to do about it?
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Sorry! Unfamiliar with the problem. Just zipped off e-mails to a couple of friends who might know, but since today is Saturday, I wouldn't expect to hear back soon.

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Do you have Sprint Broadband? We used to have them ..... You migh just need to shut the sound off of the modem.
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Right after I posted, I shut down and ran some errands. When I got back, two hours later, it had stopped. If it happens again, I'll call Cox and HP. Thanks, for trying.
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Oh, we have Cox, too ..... So then it is not the modem that is making the noise. Do you have a caller id thing on your computer or do you have your sounds activated?
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I don't have caller ID and I'm not sure about the sounds thingy.
This morning, it rang a couple of times and stopped.
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Hmmmmm........ you dont have an internal modem do you? When does it ring? Does it ring if you receive mail or anything like that?
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I have an external cable modem. I checked the e-mail and I don't think that its connected to that.

I wonder if my ex and the cyber-slut are playing games, with me. So far, they've been content with spamming me.
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Is it coming from your speakers or from somewhere else?
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Maybe there's something wrong with the cooling fan and it's making a noise similiar to ringing.
Is the ringing loud or is it a faint sound?
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Wow, I have never heard of anything like this!! I hope you get it figured out soon! That is weird!!!!!
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Well, this isn't going to be much help. But I asked wiser friends than I about these things, and here's the consensus. (And they might not be right). It can't be the modem itself if you have broadband and don't even have an analog phone line in the house. If the sound is coming from the computer's speaker (or speakers, how ever you have it set up) it could be some type of software - but how to locate the program running it is the mystery.

If you listen and it is not coming from the speaker(s), then it might be hardware - a physical noise - that just sounds like a phone ringing. The fan was suggested as a culprit. I think Lorie D. already suggested that.

But without knowing where the sound is coming from, what kind of ringing its making, and how loud it is, it's hard to come up with much more than that!
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Its coming from the speakers. Initially, I muted the volume, to get rid of it. As far as I know, I'm not set up, for phone calls on the computer. Gotta take some computer classes!

Thanks, for the input, everyone.
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Oddly enough, one of our end users at work had this exact problem this morning (seemingly anyway). The culprit was the "ringin.wav" file... and the tech I sent out to look at her machine deleted the file from her workstation to make the problem go away. It looks like it's used in both NetMeeting and ICQ. I can't find a good way to disable it yet (without deleting it), but if I find it, I'll let you know.
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