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Our cat hates us

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When we first got our four month old female kitten from the shelter, she was very affectionate, however, she became less and less affectionate the longer she has been around us (my husbnd and I). We recently had her spayed and declawed when she was about 6 1/2 months old. Now, she almost completely ignores us, except when we come home from work or it's feeding time. We just want our loveable kitty back - suggestions?
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First of all you must understand that she has been through a
lot - spaying and declawing - some cats need time to re-adjust.

You can help to re-socialize your cat by playing with your cat for at least 2 hours a day and by providing your cat with enough toys and fun items so that he/she can play alone as well. Your cat needs to play for many reasons so make sure you allow your cat to release his or her aggressive energies in a good way. You will also want to spend a lot of time with your cat petting, touching, holding and talking to your cat. And always take it slow, only go so far as your cat will let you. Never push the cat or try to do more than your cat will allow. If your cat doesn't want contact you can still sit in the same room and just talk to your cat, this helps your cat get used to your presence and voice as well as helping your cat to learn to trust you. Eventually your cat will learn to trust you and realize that a relationship with a human isn't so bad! Good Luck
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Just out of curiosity what was your reasons for declawing your kitty?

If you check out some of the declawing threads here in the forums it might add some more insight as to why your little baby kitty is being distance and non-affectionate towards you and your husband.
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Cats who have been declawed will usually have some personality changes as well as behavioral problems. This could be the cause of the new attitude. Cats usually dont form a true personality until around a year. By a year the personality usually stays the same. This link may help explain.
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i didn't realize that it takes a year for a cats personality to form! i don't have anything to add, I just find that very interesting.
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If I had my fingers chopped off at the first knuckle, I'd be a little pissed off too. Did you expect her to come up to you purring and rubbing against your leg? I am so tired of people deforming their animals for their own convenience simply because they're too lazy to train them to use a scratching post and then wondering WHY their pets personality has changed. DUH!! Don't be surprized if you have litterbox problems too. It'll serve you right.
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The more I read these articles on declawing the more I love my Nomar with claws !! It turns my stomach to hear about cats being declawed !! Until logging on to The Catsite I was unaware of what the procedure was in declawing a cat... I will never do that to Nomar... What I have done is placed scratching posts in different areas of apt. and that way he has them to use... after reading article above I just have to kiss, kiss, kiss, my Nomar with claws.
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I am glad you learned of the dangers and pain that declawing inflicts on your little one. I wish there was more people out there who did the research.

This is a wonderful site to become educated about a number of issues.

Welcome to the forums... I am glad Normar has his kitty claws and I am thrilled you took the time to train your little baby!! Three cheers for you...
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I agree ladies! I am 55 years old, have had numerous cats throughout my life and have never felt the need to de-claw them. My home is not a show-room, it is well-cared for but a home (versus a house). I have always started clipping my cat's claws every couple of weeks and at first they don't like it, but do get used to it.

I have also had some furniture damage with one cat, but since I choose to spend my life with a cat or cats, I don't buy expensive showroom furniture.

Our Simba gets his claws clipped - he still hates it but tolerates it - and when he is playing, no matter how aggressively, he always sheaths his claws. He is really gentle.

My siamese from many years ago would not ever put her claws out near your face - very smart girl.

So yes, let's try to educate everyone about this terrible thing.

My friend is trying to get a ragdoll right now and she favours de-clawing (expensive home and expensive furniture). I'm trying to talk her out of it. They just lost their beloved cat of 17 years (Tigger) who had been declawed and because it didn't seem to affect him, they are assuming it's OK. If you have any other information that you think might change their minds, pass it on to me so that I can voice a stronger argument.

Have a nice day folks.

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Hi Linda,
I have such a mouth when it comes to declawing and I never shut up about it. there is a thread that was started here about declawing and web sites to gain further info. Show it to your friend. Sandy posted a link here in this thread.
I also had a friend and he had a cat for 18 years and it died in his bathroom one day. He had that cat declawed and decided if he was going to get another cat he would declaw front and back. I was such a nagger about it, I argued constantly, he too said there was no emotional damage done to the cat. Until one day when we sat down and we started to talk about this scared unfriendly animal, who would not listen to authority, the kitty would hiss at him anytime he would raise his voice. The more I kept on him about it the more he understood, I sent him websites on the issues and told him to do research and if he still agreed with declawing I would stand aside. Well it worked he has two beautiful Bengals who are completely spoiled claws and all! Good luck to you I truly hope you get through to your friend.
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You probably won't have your kitty back again as declawing changes personality in many cats. I am very sorry you declawed your cat before checking this site - I would venture to guess your vet did not bother to tell you about biting, changes in personality, not using the litter because it hurts to much to dig and the increased chances of arthritis when your cat is older. I really get upset with the vets who just take the money and run. For a better understanding log into http://www.goodcatswearblack.com and see what my good friend Annie Bruce has to say.
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Thanks Rene for the info. I have learned so much from this site. I have a cousin who has a cat and wants to declaw him. Boy do I have a few things to share with him...I appreciate the info and I am sure there are some grateful kittys out there....
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