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Grrrr! My phone isn't working!

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My home phone isn't working. This is the 4th time this week
I'm seriously thinking about going to another company.
I just got off my cell phone with the company and they said they needed have an engineer work on it. I also told them that I think I deserve a credit or something on my account seeing as it will be AFTER 5pm when it's working again... Plus the other 3 times it was out for 2 hours each time this week...

End Rant
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Ugh, that's frustrating. I find it easier to just have a cell phone - I currently have a line set up in my house because it came with the cable package, but I didn't buy a phone for it... my cell phone is on my hip all the time so there's no need for me to have two numbers.

I hope they fix it for you and reimburse you in some way.
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It's been my experience that when such things happen and I ask for some sort of reimbursement (whether it be a credit, an upgrade, etc.), 9 times out of 10 I get it. Just keep reminding them that the company is at fault and you've been a loyal customer - so, what's in it for you?! Good luck.
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When I would call my sister the reception was always terrible. I told her to contact the phone company to do line tests. Sure enough there was a problem with the line coming into her house. Its all fixed now!!
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hehe, i love it when my phone is not working.
but that is just me. In fact i left it broke for 2 weeks before work noticed and asked me about it.
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That sucks.I hate when my phone doesn't work.My family is all in Mich and they need to be able to get ahold of me.
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