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I'm New To This Site

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I'm new to this site, so don't know if you just take pot luck of someone beingin here when you come in the site, or whether you arrange to meet up and come and have a chat with each other at different times of day?

I love cats, and kittens very much! Especially the Maine Coon type; but love them all really. Is there anyone else out there, just like me bessotted by cats and kittens?
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We all are! That's why we're here! And the way it works here is you just post and see what happens! "Conversations" happen pretty frequently, but I think for the most part it's just a coincidence that people are on line at the same time. I guess there may be those that make arrangements to "meet up" to chat, but I'm not aware of it - but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen!

A lot of us check in from work to follow threads we've gotten interested in, but don't have time to hang around....

The Site is segregated into different sections - a post like this is usually in the New Cats on the Block forum (and a moderator will probably end up moving it there). The Lounge is - just a place to post whatever's up. Things about cats, what's going on in your life, pictures of your furbabies ( ) - etc.

I came to the Cat Site through the Feral Forum, and spent most of my first few months here there.

I have lots of fun in the Caption This! forum, and if you're into writing, a number of people seem to have a lot of fun over in the Paws and Reflect forum.

We mourn our losses and comfort each other and our lost loved ones in the Crossing the Bridge forum, and I doubt there's been a time for any of us when we haven't learned something from or needed help from the Behavior, Health, and Grooming forums.

In all of these places, if you have experience or opinions, you can share them to help others - it's part of the beauty of this site. There are many experts here, but us just plain old folk get to contribute as well.

If you find yourself "hanging around," you may want to get to "know us" and share with us who you are. There's the biographies thread (Biographies Thread,
the "obsessions" thread What Are You Obsessed With?, who we are - Members Gallery, and as that is updated infrequently, those who have posted pictures but haven't made it into the Gallery yet: Pictures! Pictures!.

If you have questions about how to post pictures and other computer-related stuff here, you may find the answers or ask here: Your Computer Questions - Answered!!!

Don't forget to check in with "Our Super Duper Important Threads" from time to time. Welcome aboard!

(We love our Maine Coon stray! We're trying to find her a permanent home right now.)

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Thank you for your reply to my thread. As I say I just have become besotted by cats and kittens ever since I went on the Internet a couple of years ago, and just love them all from all the many pictures there are on the Internet to view!

So that is what's made me a cataholic, as well as love all baby animals really - as I'm just a big softy underneath my skin!
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Well then you MUST go check out the Caption This! thread!!!! We send pictures of our cats in, and the moderator posts them for people to write in funny captions. Then the captions get voted on, and the winning caption gets posted, and the winners get turned into e-postcards.

Some of them are hysterical, and some of them are just darn cute.

The e-postcards can be seen and sent - just click on the menu bar up at the top on "Postcards" and it'll take you there.

...and you may already know this, but threads with pictures have a paperclip next to the thread subject on the left, so if your preference is pics, that should help.

Again, welcome aboard, and have fun!

...we're all cat nuts, and you should feel free to post pics of your kitties and share your stories about them!

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Where is the 'Caption' option then?
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Welcome to TCS. I am going to move this thread to our "new cats on the block" forum, which is where we welcome all of our new kittens!!

Glad to have you here.
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Oh - maybe you came to the cat site directly through a link to the Lounge? Either way, if you "look" up near the top of the screen, you should see a "list" that indicates where in the site you are. For instance, if you are reading this post, up near the top of the screen (underneath the Royal Canin ad), you will see writing that says:

TheCatSite.com Forums > General Forums > New Cats on the Block > I'm New To This Site.

If you scroll up there, you can click on any of these and it will take you to that level.

So if you click on TheCatSite.com Forums ( http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ ), it'll give you a list of ALL the Forums and sub-forums. The "Caption This" forum is part of the General forums:

Caption This! and then once there, you can decide whether or not you want to go look at pictures that are being captioned, or if you want to go vote on captions, or if you want to see the winners.

Happy Hunting!

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Welcome to the site
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Hi there! I'm really glad you have joined us here! Feel free to just jump right in on any conversation or thread going on! Or start your own by clicking on New Thread.
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Welcome to the site Glad to have you here, its a great site and I'm sure you'll know it like the back of your hand soon enough... you won't be able to stay away!

I also have a Maine coon, blue male called Ash they really are sweeties!! just like all cats!!
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Welcome to the site! I think we are all a bit cat-obsessed here. I'm sure you will love it here as much as the rest of us do!
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Hiya Kittycatty

Like you i'm new to the site . slowly getting used to it myself.
In fact i am new to computers in general.............
I have got 2 Birmans who are just adorable,never had cats before in my life..............I took the plunge in June this year and boughtthe 2 of them only to find out my hubby was allergic.......

:goodbad: :goodbad: :goodbad: :goodbad: :goodbad: :goodbad: :goodbad:

......but i pretended not to notice when we went to the breeder to look at the kittens and he came out with puffy red itchy eyes and sneezing all the way home...knowing full well what was wrong i asked him if he had a cold coming on.... :goodbad: [WELL I WAS DESPERATE]I NEEDED THOSE KITTENS. to cut a long story short, he said he would put up with the allergy if it made me happy

got the kittys home and his allergy dissappeared after 2 weeks pheww.......I was starting to feel guilty...but not that guilty.

The husband that used to be like has turned into He loves them as much as me, but pretends not to. You know it's a mans thing!!!!!!!!

Bye for now,
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Bagpuss, I totally know what you mean about the "man thing"!! In front of any other men, he's like "uh, oh yeah a cat... dumb animal... " but when he's alone with them its a different story.... he does "baby voice" and everything!!! he asks them how their day was and what they got up to!?!??! :laughing: Soooo macho....
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kittycatty, Now that I have your attention, I would like to suggest that you proudly announce your country of origin as Scotland. Whit's the matterrr wi' ye, lass, that ye canna tell our auld friens here? You know I'm half Scottish and half English, and we have loads of English posters, and they're wonderful, but my poor mother is probably rolling in her grave. Rememeber Scotland the Brave as well as Rule, Brittania!

Welcome Bagpuss. What a great name. Make yourself at home, both of you. Find a subject that interests you and chime in like Big Ben!
Now that I have your attention, I will shamelessly direct you to Paws and Reflect, a group of original stories and truthful tales-mysteries by Heidi and Jeanie, highly recommended and slated for a best seller list, a wonderful fairy tale by many of our talented members, limericks, true stories, both brave and sad, and poems, original or by your favorite author. If you have lost a beloved pet, come to the Rainbow Bridge. If you want to tell a joke or just whinge, as my friend, Bodlover says, come to the Cat Lounge! We're waiting for both of you!

Of course, education is very important. Breeding, Nutrition, Feral Cats, on and on--it's all here for you. Sit down. I made shortbread, and the kettle is on! Oh, Kitty, would you get out the bone china, please? It's on the second shelf.
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