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What can I do?

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Hi all

As I said in my post about Bing, there is a TNR lady who is TNR'ing the feral cats around here. She is doing it privately, paying for it herself I believe.
I paid for Bing's neuter, but can't afford to pay for the ferals (I'm 15 and don't have a job)

I am wondering what I can do to help her out? For you who TNR, what would you appreciate someone doing for you?

I am wondering about making some cat-related stuff (such as tote bags, etc) and selling it, and giving this lady the proceeds... But if anyone here has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

This is not for my own gain at all- I am interested in helping this woman!

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That is so wonderful of you!

I'd see if I can track down this lady after school and ask her what would help! I'm sure money would be appreciated - but maybe she could use your help in other ways. Checking traps or something. ? Also, maybe she's already registered as a 5013c (charity) organization. If not, you could suggest this to her. It's easy to do and fairly inexpensive in most states - registering as a charity is the first step, and then applying for tax-free status is the second step (and that part takes longer).

But if she is paying for everything out-of-pocket, this way she can at least write it off for tax purposes!

Then she (or you) can go around to local retailers/restaurants and the like, to ask if you can put out collection jars. Just save jars, or have someone purchase inexpensive ones at Walmart. Print out labels that fit, glue or tape them on, and pound the pavement. Either you or she could go around once a month to collect the proceeds. You have to keep track of how much came from which store.

If I think of anything else.....

What a wonderful thing you want to do!

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Oh - I just realized you're in Canada. I don't know what the equivalent tax status of a charity is there, but I'm sure a quick internet search would locate the information you need.

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Oh thats a good idea... The thing is- she is out of another town which is 30 mins away... Thats a good idea about the jars- I should try that.
This lady is just helping people out, she said... She doesn't trap unless she gets asked by someone... Umm... I guess I'll talk to her and ask her what she thinks of that. I don't THINK she's registered in a charity thing- but I'm not sure.
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I don't have anything to add to Laurie's suggestions, which are fantastic.

I really just wanted to tell you what a wonderful feeling I got reading your post. It makes me so happy to find such wonderful caring young people as yourself in this world.
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I donate to a TNR fund from my pet crafts (look at my link). If you want some ideas for simple toys, PM or e-mail me. The only problem with making crafts to raise funds is that you need to find an outlet to sell them. That is actually harder than making the crafts. Look for school fairs, farmer's markets, etc in your area.

That is exactly how my little business got started - raising money to help feral cats!!
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Thanks guys!!! Momofmany- thats cool! I'm sure I'll be asking for the ideas

Aw, thanks, kittymonsters!
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Maybe she needs help finding new homes. Sometimes cats get lost, and never find their homes, they become strays, and sometimes they are trapped when they had a good home and they end up in the humane society. Where they usually don’t find new homes. So if you know someone who lost a cat, and never found him, encourage them to adopt a cat that lost its home rather then buying a new kitten. Finding homes is hard but great.
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Okay- thats actually a great idea! I need to re-home one of my cats... Maybe I'll start there!
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Folks in my organization tell me that they would ADORE having someone to call on if they need help with feeding. Just someone to be there to offer a bit of a break. Even if you aren't in a position to do this, if you could help her by locating and COORDINATING some people who are willing to do this for the locations near you, I am sure she'd be grateful. But the bottom line is probably, as others have said, to talk to HER and see what SHE feels would be most helpful. She will be cheered by knowing that there's at least ONE other person who appreciates the changes she's making!!
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