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I really feel for you as I am a worrier too. Last year I hand reared 3 baby mice when their mum died at 12 days. I read on the net to feed hydralite or similar for 1st 24hrs which I did, then fed KMR.
Later in the year I wondered what to do with the KMR as the use by date was soon to expire.Then in Sept. my son brought home a 3 1/2 week old kitten that had been dumped. I now had a use for the KMR. I bottle fed her which she struggled with getting the teat in. She pawed & scratched every time she had a bottle. I had to wipe her bottom to get her to toilet which was easy with wees, but she was constipated and had to have an enima. I was so excited when she was able to toilet herself.
I guess I kept her longer on the bottle than recommended, but used up all the KMR. Introducing solids was a chore, she swam in it & had food from head to chest. I wiped her down with a damp washer several times as the food dried on her head. She survived it all & is now 6 1/2 months old & a little terror.
I send you good vibes & hope all turns out for the best.
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I'm not sure what to watch for with the mother being wormed. Not all vets refuse to worm a nursing mother, I think it can just further weaken the mother sometimes (afterall, wormers are poison for the parasites, but can also weaken the host).

Keep free feeding the dry food to Mom and I would offer her the wet food/KMR mix 2-3X a day and let her eat as much as she wants. At this point, I think you just need to keep getting lots of nutrients into her. If she's eating wet food/drinking KMR, then don't worry too much about her water intake, as she'll be getting plenty from the wet food. If she is dehydrated, I might try pushing more of the KMR than water. Like pp said, if you dip her paw in it, she will instinctually lick it off, which may make things easier for you.

When you force feed the kittens are you syringe feeding them wet food or KMR? It might be best to get a bottle (pet store should have newborn kitten bottles) and give them KMR, they're more likely to easily accept it and the KMR will be easier on their still young digestive systems.

HTH, please keep us updated and I will try to check back soon. I'm not sure if I've offered before, but if you're in Central IN and you really need help, send me a PM and we can see if we can work something out.
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Also, about the wormer, since Mom's fecal was neg. (doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't have worms) definitely DO NOT worm the kittens! My vet said kittens shouldn't be wormed until at least 6 weeks old, and that's only if they're super healthy.
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How is mom and the babies this morning. Is the weight up... Is mom going to the potty just out of curiousity.
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here in the uk , if the babys deffently have worms they can be wormed at 3 weeks of age as long as there healthy. they have to be brought in to weigh so that they get the excate right amount of wormer. but i know they rather wait till they was a little older unless theres a bad case.
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hmmm I hope everything is ok... I was worring and have been checking this thread.. I will say the kittens are fighters
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Any news today? keeping my fingers crossed for mama and babies. I really hope they can all pull through this difficult time.
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They are 15 or 16 days old today so I think it is a good chance they will make it she might have to keep helping them along. I hope they are just all sleeping.
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WOW you guys are terrific!! Thank you all so much for the support 17 days today and all are doing well today. Momma Lucy seems much improved. She is eating a lot now we are doing wet food with water and/or kmr added, and we are also free feeding science diet dry kitten with water and/or kmr added and she is really picking up on eating the dry as well as wet. Before she would go for the wet pretty well but completely ignore the dry. Best news for me is that I haven't been afraid to go uncover the cage the last couple of days!! Trust me that is a breakthrough, I think there might be light at the end of this tunnel after all. All have gained tonight and last night also there is one kitten that is gaining slower and he is now the only one I have formula fed the last 2 days all the others seem to be doing fine without supplemental feeding. I am so proud of Momma Lucy she is doing so well, I know she is trying her best even though she doesn't feel good.

Sorry I went so long without posting a pic I have just been worried!
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They are beautiful and I am glad they are doing better. You are doing a fantastic job monitoring them!
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thats great news!!! im so happy to hear that there all picking up . and they are lovely thank you for the update and the picture.
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No there is light at the end of the tunnel stay POSITIVE trust me it is worth it..

She looks so content and look at all the cute babies... That is what makes all the hard worth worth wild
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Awwww, that's such a darling picture. I've been monitoring this thread to keep up with the fate of the kitty fam. I'm so happy they're doing better. Congrats! What you're doing is so difficult.. and I know how difficult it is to lose one, especially when you've been hand feeding them and being their mommy. I had a couple that I tried to save.. and the teeny tiny survived for the longest time, and then suddenly died. I was so upset.

:: and good vitality vibes to you!
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Today the kittens slowed down on gaining weight. the last 2 days they gained about a half ounce each average (cept the one that im forcing) today the average was only like .2 oz and one even lost today. I had to give them all baths with wet rags cause they were really dirty. I really really wish she would start cleaning them up. Anyone have this experience? Could she maybe start magically cleaning them up or is she just never gonna do it since she hasn't done it this long?
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Last Night was really bad. Momma lucy meowed all night because she wanted out of the cage. She was screaming and clawing at the cage, she even knocked her water bowl over twice. She was just pacing around ignoring the babies. There wasn't really anything I could do besides clean up the water bowl when she dumped it. Finally she stopped being loud so I went to investigate she was sleeping in the litterbox where the kittens couldn't get to her!! At 8 am i took the litterbox out of the cage and she did finally lay down with them but this is clearly not her choice. Now I am at a loss of what to do. The kittens won't make it if she stops feeding them. If I give her the space she wants so she will be quiet she will ignore them and stay away from them. WHAT DO I DO???
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You might have to give her space now. The kittens are over 2 weeks now right. Mom is tired and needs ME time. Let her out for a few hours you keeo an eye on the babies... Do this before bed and at least 1x during the day. Mom need this time to be her. I hate to say it but she does and knowing the babies need her she could hurt them in the long run. Let her have a few hours yet leave the cage door open to her to get in and out. She might suprise you and get in and out on her own
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All of the kittens seem to have diarrhea today. It is yellow and runny and smells really bad. Momma is back to hanging out in the litterbox so they can't get to her and I am really low on formula and can't get any til tomorrow. Looks like we are going downhill again and fast.
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im thinking that she really doesnt want much to do with her babys , it could be because she hasnt been well and nither has the babys , in the wild she would have left them to die. i dont know if anyone would agree with me but what i would do in this situation is take on the full mummy role myself. at 2 weeks old they need to be fed about every 2-3 hours i think. im not sure how much but it should tell you roughly on the back of the tin of kmr.
let her out of the cage and do has mumof3 has suggested leave the cage open , if after 2 hours she has not returned then i would start feeding them all myself , yes i know this is a lot of work , and especially what they have already been through. but if she dosnt want to be a mum theres not really much you can do to make her.
please do keep us updated. and i pray that everything turns out for the best.
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You need to intervene and start bottle feeding. will guide you. Sounds like the momcat isn't well and she could be also passing whatever is wrong with the kittens to them through her milk. Start the bottle feeding, recruit help from the neighbors if you have to, but get them off mom's milk. Some cats aren't meant to be moms. If she isn't cleaning them there is a reason. Get her spayed immediately. Her milk will drop after the surgery and in the meantime get the kittens fed.
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Momma Lucy seems to be doing much better. She is eating very well and she even seems to have put on a little weight. She is still feeding them even though I have been letting her out of the cage. They are strong enough now that when she walks out of the cage they follow her! It is so cute! I think I might try them back in the bathroom like I usually do with my fosters, and see how that goes. One of the kittens hit 10 oz yesterday!!
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So glad they're doing better! I went out of town this weekend and had to catch up today (btw, picking up a litter of 4 week olds without a mom this afternoon!).

Sounds like you've got it worked out now but since you're letting Mom choose when to get away from them (and if they're already following her, soon she won't have a choice!), just a keep a close eye on their weights. You'll want to get more formula and be prepared to supplement their feedings if they're not gaining enough.
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I'm so glad that they're surviving! I keep up with this thread worrying about the fates of those tiny babies! Good job with being a partial foster mommy!
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aw im happy you didnt have to start bottle feeding its so much better for them if mum feeds them , and im happy to hear that mum is doing better.
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Originally Posted by junglebutterfly View Post
Momma Lucy seems to be doing much better. She is eating very well and she even seems to have put on a little weight. She is still feeding them even though I have been letting her out of the cage. They are strong enough now that when she walks out of the cage they follow her! It is so cute! I think I might try them back in the bathroom like I usually do with my fosters, and see how that goes. One of the kittens hit 10 oz yesterday!!
See what did I tell ya they would be ok... Mom is being so good
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